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Modelway SRL


Via Livorno 60
10144 Torino (Torino)

Web Site:


Direct Virtual Sensors per side slip angle estimation, Self tuning control for drive by wire actuator, Virtual sensors for engine control, Powertrain control systems


NOSEM® (NOn linear SEt-membership Modeling) is an innovative methodology for modeling complex nonlinear systems from experimental data. , DVS® (Direct Virtual Sensors) are virtual sensors directly designed from data, without requiring model building., STC® (Self-Tuning Control) is a technology for the design of control systems from experimental data measured on the real system.

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FCA, GM, Mecaprom, Aizoon, SKF, BOSCH,Magneti Marelli, IMQ group, STmicroelectronics, COBO group


No certification

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150.000,00 €

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For information:

Ilario Gerlero - 0112258261

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English , French

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