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Via Livorno, 60
10144 Torino (Torino)

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Controllers/simulators, Engineering, Control units and components, Research centres, Vehicles - conversion and tuning


Direct Virtual Sensors per side slip angle estimation, Self tuning control for drive by wire actuator, Virtual sensors for engine control, Control systems for high altitude wind generation


NOSEM® (NOn linear SEt-membership Modeling) is an innovative methodology for modeling complex nonlinear systems from experimental data. , DVS® (Direct Virtual Sensors) are virtual sensors directly designed from data, without requiring model building., STC® (Self-Tuning Control) is a technology for the design of control systems from experimental data measured on the real system.

Company activity:

Modelway is a software engineering company focused in design and development of tailored services for modeling, prediction and automatic control of complex systems. Our solutions based on a resident know how and focused to solve complex and time long industrial issues. The company developed three propretary technologies which applies a systematic approach oriented to design: mathematical models (NOSEM® NOn linear SEt-membership Modeling ), virtual sensors (DVS® Direct Virtual Sensors) and automatic controls (STC® Self-Tuning Control). The solutions developed by Modelway are currently on the market and industrialized on cutting-edge applications in Powertrain control and virtual sensors for vehicle dynamics, OBD and safety. The tailored software services which Modelway proposes are addressed to the R&D and the Innovation Engineering department of the customer companies, and can be developed in collaboration with them. A particular costumers interest has been devoted to the applications of the Direct Virtual Sensors Technology for to the following industrial issues: • Real time fuel composition estimation: in all the cases of composite fuel (fossil fuel + bio fuel) the DVS technology can be applied in order to estimate in real time the share of bio fuel. The estimated data from are useful for the powertrain control system, for the real time engine control optimization according to the real fuel composition. • On Board Diagnostic: the automotive rules about the OBD systems became day by day more constrictive, in particular concerning the Exhaust Gas Treatment. The DVS technology can be applied to develop Virtual Sensors for the estimation of the exhaust gas composition and temperature in order to provide more precise real time input data toward the OBD system. • Fault Detection: in case of mission critical sensors, the physical sensor placed inside the system can be coupled with a Virtual Sensor which work as watchdog and can substitute the physical sensor information in case of damage of that one. Some of the projects developed by Modelway are described in the following: Vehicle Dynamics • Semi-active suspensions modeling and control • System for vehicle dynamic control (VDC) Safety • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) • Break by wire control • Electric power steering control • Virtual sensor for sideslip angle estimation Powertrain • Methane engine modeling and rpm control • Combustion air system control • Fuel composition estimate • Multi Air actuator modeling and control • Temperature virtual sensor for Multi Air actuator

Main export markets:

Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, UE, Asia, China, South Korea, Japan, America, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, United States of America

Main customers:

Fiat, Ferrari, Iveco, CNH, SKF


No certification

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150.000,00 €

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Ilario Gerlero - 0112258261

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English , French

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