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2A FONDERIE Components - gear, Components - inlet system, Components - cooling system, Filters, Pipes and manifoldsALUMINIUM COMPONENTS FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, ALUMINIUM COMPONENTS FOR COMPRESSORSHigh Pressure Die Casting, Glue Casting, Core Die Casting2A is a young and innovative die-casting foundry oriented and specialized in the development and production of components for the automotive industries. 2A is mainly specialised in the production of the pieces for the truck engines, working for many major companies. 2A is a complete die-casting partner: we can produce pieces from few grams up to the biggest produced, machine them, paint them, test them and assemble them and we did develop them together with our Customers: our suppliers and our assembling department enable us to deliver not only die-casted pieces, but also completed and assembled functions.Europe, Italy, Asia, China, America, BrazilVOLVO, IVECO, SCANIA, Alfdex, GKN, WABCO, XISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002198985000000200English , French, GermanEmanueleDi 011 9496 148PIF Automotive,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
4S S.R.L.Torinowww.4sgroup.euEngineering, Electrical and hybrid vehicles, Security system, Research centres, Testing of vehicles and partsR&D, studies and engineering, Modelling and simulation, Design, Testing systemsControl system engineering, E/E circuit engineering & design, E/E systems Functional Safety (IEC 61508, ISO 26262, etc.), Criticality analysis (FTA, FMEA, FMECA,, Reliability analysisENGINEERING - Functional Safety of electric/electronic (E/E) Systems (according to the international standards IEC 61508, ISO 26262, ISO 25119, etc.) - Electric/Electronic (E/E) Architectures - CAN networks, ECU design, "By-wire" - Alternative Propulsion Systems (Electric, Hybrid, Fuel Cell) TESTING - Systems for the Functional Safety verification and validation, with special provisions such as fault injection units - Software tools for test planning and management - Customized test equipment for electric/electronic (E/E) systems, especially devoted to Functional Safety verification & validation.Europe, UE, Asia, South KoreaCentro Ricerche Fiat, IvecoNo certification20084733495English , French, Arabic, OtherCarloLa 011 0203762/3PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Naval Technology
A.BENEVENUTA & C. SPATorinowww.benevenuta.itForging, Precision machining forging steel part machined, foundry or alluminium machined parts steel forgings, laser welding, THF, Hight precision machiningForging and machined part for gear boxes, suspension sistem or engineEurope, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, America, Argentina, Brazil, ChileFIAT, IVECO, MERCEDES, CNH, RENAULT, WABCO, EATON, GRAZIANO, MARELLI SISTEMI SOSPENSIONI, MARELLI EXAUST SYSTEMISO TS 1694919392200000090English , French, German, SpanishDINORUFFATTOatbeo@benevenuta.it0124 707811BENEVENUTA ARGENTINA SAArgentinaProductionwww.benevenuta.itPIF Automotive
A.E.C.Torinowww.aecsrl.itCables and cabling systems, Windshield wipers, Connectors, Welding equipmentsMODULAR GROUND TERMINAL, WASHER TUBES, ANTENNA CABLES, DATA CABLESlaboratory tests specific for data cables, ultrasonic weldingAUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS AND CABLE HARNESSES ENGENEERING AND PRODUCTIONEurope, UE, Asia, China, India, Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, America, Brazil, Mexico, United States of AmericaFIAT AUTO - CHRYSLER - RENAULT NISSAN - FORD - IVECO, DELPHI - SUMITOMO - LEONI - YAZAKI - CABLELETTRA - DRAEXLMAIER - TENAISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 20021986870000024English , French, Spanish, PortugueseAntonellaFerraiuoloantonella@aecsrl.it3484410459AEC EWA AUTOMOTIVE SRLRomaniaProductionAEC USA INCUnited States of AmericaCommercialAEC DO BRASILBrazilCommercialPIF Automotive
A.T.L.A. Torinowww.atla.euCutting / deep-drawingProduction building field, System production field, Production field transport movement earthLASER CUTTING, TORCH CUTTING, PLASMA CUTTINGA.T.L.A. ™ service center for the machining of sheet metal and steel tubes. Activities: Laser cutting metal sheets and tubes, vertical and inclined plasma cutting, oxi-cutting, bending press, carpentry in medium and large sizes. A.T.L.A. ™ produces metal support structures for photovoltaic panels.Europe, France, ItalyFiat ToyotaISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 20021985441200024English , French, GermanEzioVaccadora.caiella@atla.eu0119919205PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
AB&S-AVVITO S.R.L.Torino, Screws, Nuts, WashersSupply of fasteners and assembled items.Europe, Poland, America, BrazilFIAT GROUP AUTOMOBILEISO 9000 / 20021969320049810English , French, German, Spanish, RussianROBERTAGURLINOcommerciale@ab-and-s.it0114501329PIF Automotive,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
ACTUATorinowww.actuatech.euEngineering, Virtual prototyping, Testing, Testing of vehicles and partsmotor on wheels, actuation control units, electronic control units, industrial elettronicelectronics Sw- Hd, control eletronic Sw on special electrical machines, Drive by wire, Mechatronicdevelopment prototype and testing of power train systems for electric / hybrid vehiclesAsia, China, Taiwan, America, United States of AmericaCecomp-Ducati-GM-Fiat-Alpina-Movitron, Graziano-Landi, MOOG-FIAM-FAAM-Archimede energia, LandiNo certification200972012English , FrenchGiorgioBoccagiorgio.bocca@actuatech.eu0119442154PIF Automotive
Agla Power TransmissionTorinowww.aglapowertransmission.comBelts and pulleysPulley, Damper, FlywheelsSTAMPING, ROLLING, LASER WELDING, ASSMEBLY, E-COATINGProduction of pulleys, dampers, flywheels and powertrain componentsEurope, America, Brazil, MexicoVW, AUDI, DAIMLER, MAN, FIAT, MASERATI, IVECO, LUK, CF Gomma, VW, AUDI, DAIMLER, MAN, FIAT, MASERATIISO TS 16949, ISO 14001197714400000114English , French, GermanMAURALINARImaura.linari@aglapt.com0119324616PIF Automotive
aizoon ConsultingTorinohttp://www.aizoongroup.comEngineering, Information technology / networks, TestingInformation technology consulting, Engineering ConsultingSeveral languages and environments for computer applications, Various design tools, Various project management toolsEngineering Consulting on design&development, testing, quality, manufacturing. Information Technology Consulting on logistics applications, CRM, manufacturing, business intelligence, networking, architectures, security. Europe, Germany, United KingdomFIAT, IVECO, CNH, FERRARI, MASERATI, SUZUKI, ITALDESIGN, Magneti Marelli, Valeo, Grupo AntolinNo certification200523606500459English , French, German, Spanish, Arabic, OtherLauraPiovanolaura.piovano@aizoon.it01119507211in corso di costituzione "Aizoon USA" San Francisco - CaliforniaUnited States of AmericaCommercial, Production, R&Dwww.aizoongroup.comaizoOn AustraliaAustraliaCommercial, Production, R& Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Naval Technology,Piemonte Health & Wellness
AL.MEC S.R.L.Cuneowww.almec.netEngineering, Virtual prototyping, Cables and cabling systems, Printed circuits, Control units and componentsCAN BUS PRODUCTS, COMAND AND CONTROL SYSTEMS, OVERLOAD SYSTEMS, RADIO REMOTE CONTROLLER, SENSORSCAN BUS TECNOLOGY, CONTACT LESS, DIGITAL ELECTRONICS, 3D SOFTWARES SIMULATION AND RENDERING, RAPID PROTOTYPINGAL.MEC is a supplier of products and systems for use in automotive applications and, designing and implementing systems for equipment, special vehicles and for the agricultural sector. Our products are completed on the basis of experience gained through years of work, implemented and designed according to the most innovative technologies. Quality is at the heart of our achievements and internal processes, according to the ISO 9001 guarantee the compliance with international standards. We propose as a systems integrator for the Italian market and as producers for the foreign market, with the aim to find partners who wish to integrate our products into their systems. We are open to collaborations in the form of partnerships or collaborative activities to achieve new business opportunitiesEurope, France, United KingdomCOSECO BUSI GROUP, NOVARINIISO 9000 / 20022001012English , FrenchIvanoAlbarelloalbarello@almec.net0173742821PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
ALIENTECHVercelliwww.alientech.toEngine control systems, Engine fuel supply, Instruments / accessories, Control units and componentsKessV2, K-tag, ECMProduction and commercialization at domestic and international level of tools and software dedicated to improve the engine performances trough the electronic injection management. Production and commercialization of tools to exhaust check.Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceaniatutti i modelliNo certification2000602200023English , French, German, SpanishFabioVogliottifabio@alientech.to0161801025Alientech FranceFranceCommercialwww.alientech.frAlientech IbericaSpainCommercialwww.alientech.esPIF Automotive
ANNIBALE VITERIECuneowww.annibalegruppo.comMetallic productsRIVETS, SCREWSWiredrawing, Cold-forging machines, Internal Threading Processes, Internal Lines for Heat Treatment, Camera Infra-Red Control for Quality CheckingWe are one of the leading manufacturer of standard and special parts, specialized in the production of cold-forged bolts, screws and rivets according to the drawing or the sample of the customer. We normally supply big series productions, with minimum lot around 50.000 pcs. The premises and processing plant of our company are situated in Racconigi, a small town about 30 km from Turin, well linked to the main communication routes. The factory is fully equipped with the most modern technology, result of 50 years experience in this field, and capable of supplying a wide range of products guaranteeing both uniform and high quality standards. Moreover, we’re certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 and ISO / TS 16949:2002, and we’ve been homologated as official supplier from several important worldwide industrial Groups as Valeo, Luk, Faurecia, Magneti Marelli, Bosch, Ducati Motors, BremboEurope, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, UE, Extra UE, Asia, China, India, Israel, America, Brazil, MexicoFIAT, VALEO / CONTINENTAL / DUCATI / BREMBO/ BOSCH / MAGNA INTERNATIONAL / TOWER AUTOMOTIVE / LAMESISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 200219551100000060English , French, German, Spanish, 01728211PIF Automotive
AUTOSTUDI Torinowww.autostudi.itStyling, Engineering, Structural analysis, Virtual prototypingSTYLING DESIGN, ENGINEERING, STRUCTURAL ANALYSISCAD, CAE, CASAutostudi is a styling and engineering company operating in automotive field. It develops mainly "turn-key projects" for car makers and their product suppliers. In 2005 Autostudi entered into ANFIA.Europe, France, Germany, TurkeyFIAT, MASERATI,CARRARO, LEAR, MAGNETI MARELLI, VALEOISO 9000 / 20021983300000060English , French, SpanishRobertoAngionor.angiono@autostudi.it0113293982PIF Automotive
B&R - engine interiors, Components - gear, Components - cooling system, Steering parts, Screws/bolts/fastenersOil jet piston cooling, Interlock pin, Water connection pipe, Connection stering, Special fastenersTurning process, Brazing, Assembly process, End off line test, Semiautomatic reworking activitiesOur production is made mainly from a specific drawing on small and large series including prototype parts and, in cooperation with selected suppliers, we are able to provide full details of heat treatment, plating, anodizing, brazing and assembly. Our contribution is also in active participation in the realization of the component, and if required, we provide suggestions for the definition as better as possible of the final product.Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Asia, China, India, America, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, United States of AmericaGruppo Fiat, FPT, IVECO, Maserati, Chrysler, GM-Opel, Piaggio-Aprilia, MV Agusta, SUZUKI, VM Motori OMR, SACHS, REGE, Piaggio, MV Augusta, Suzuki, Magneti Marelli, VGV, ZF Sachs, Gruppo Agrati. Gruppo Fontana, Gruppo FiatISO TS 16949, ISO 1400119521127100045English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, ArabicANDREACAPOZZAgisella.baldi@br-automotive.com011 6812430PIF Automotive
BCUBEMilanowww.bcube.netLogistics and transport, Packaging / containers, Material management, Traffic managementLogistics Platform, Factory Logistics, Packaging / CKD and Part by Part, Car Compound Management, Transport and Freight ForwardingOwned Material Management System, Packaging SW internally managed, Railway connections, Locomotives, Container handlersWe provide globally integrated logistics services: collecting materials from suppliers (milk-run), warehouse management of ownership and / or of the client, industrial packaging, CKD and Part by Part, production logistics (internal handling, JIS, line feeding, picking and storing finished product), transport (including intermodal and heavy ) and shipment, car compound management, engineering and computerization of processes and flows. In particulary we provide: 1) CKD and part management: the management of CKD flow is one of the core areas where the Group has operated for more than 40 years in the automotive sector that relies on the strong international presence of the Group and on its ability to manage intermodal transport. It includes all services related to international CKD flow, component pick-up from suppliers, receiving, storage, picking, packing, preparation for shipment and delivery. The entire process is managed through the Group’s information system, which is integrated with the suppliers’ and customers’ existing systems. The activities are performed both on the platforms owned by the Group and at customer’s sites. 2) factory logistics: BCUBE operates in the heart of the customers’ production operation, providing highly integrated logistics services including: pick up of material from suppliers, warehouse management, kit preparation for line feeding in JIT and JIS, and preassembling and line feeding of Kanban flows. A distinctive feature is the application of the principles of World Class Manufacturing for flow optimization, introduction of innovative methods for the transport of in-line components, optimization of operations and implementation of continuous improvement processes. 3) Finished vehicles compound: includes the receiving of finished vehicles with visual checks, the management of the stock using systematic measures for inspection and maintenance, the preparation of shipments by truck and train, and the computerized management of the stock and the shipments with RFID systems. Europe, Asia, Africa, America, OceaniaFIAT AUTO, IVECO, CNH, SUZUKI MARUTI, CHRYSLER,, DENSO, MAGNA, PIRELLI, DELPHI, VALEO, BREMBO, LEAR, MAGNETI MARELLI, COOPER JOHNSON CONTROLSISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 200219744660000004000English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, OtherLUCARAULEluca.raule@bcubegroup.com0142565495United States of AmericaCommercial, LogisticPolandCommercial, LogisticChinaCommercial, Logistic, ProductionBrazilCommercial, LogisticGermanyCommercial, LogisticTorino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive
BERSANO CARLO TorinoPIERGIANNI@BERSANOCARLO,COMComponents - powertrain, Components - gearGEAR, PINION, RING GEAR, HYDRAULICS CYLINDER, OTHER PARTSHOT FORGING LINE 1, HOT FORGING LINE 2, HOT FORGING LINE 3, HOT FORGING LINE 4, HOT FORGING LINE 5Production of mechanical steel hot forgedEurope, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Asia, India, America, Brazil, United States of AmericaFPT INDUSTRIAL SPA, IVECO FIAT SPA, , ZF, OERLIKON GRAZIANO S.P.A.ISO 9000 / 200219613100000075English , FrenchFabioBersanofabio@bersanocarlo.com0124707623BERSANO CARLO POLAND SP.ZO.OPolandRepresentation, CommercialPIF Automotive
Bitron IndustrieTorinowww.bitron.netPedal assembly, Conditioning system, Sensors, Controls and buttons, Dashboard / instrumentsSWITCHES, PEDALS, ELECTRONICS, SENSORS, FUEL SYSTEMSPLASTIC MOLDING, PLASTIC CO-MOLDING, METAL BLANKING, GALVANIC, LASER ETCHINGDevelopment and production of OEM automotive components: eletronic devices, switches, control panels, fuel systems, electrovalves, pedalsEurope, France, Germany, Poland, SpainRENAULT FIAT VAG, VALEO DELPHI DENSO MARELLI, IVECO RENAULT VI UAZISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002195502083English , French, German, RussianPaolaBimapaola.bima@bitron-ind.com00390114029429Bitron Ind. ESPANA, S.A.SpainProductionBITRON POLAND Sp.zo.oPolandProductionBitron ChinaChinaProductionBITRON ELEKTROMEKANIK LD. STITurkeyProductionPIF Automotive,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
BLUE ENGINEERINGTorinoCad/cam/cae design, Structural analysis, Virtual prototyping, Engineering, StylingCOMPLETE BODY CAD DESIGN, SUSPENSION CAD DESIGN, STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS, EXT/INT TRIMMINGCOMPUTERS, CATIA 5, UNIGRAPHICS, NASTRAN, ABAQUSVehicle project management, body and chassis design, suspensions,doors, bumpers, dashboards, static and dynamic structural analysis, fluid dyamics, comfort, safety analysis (crashes),RAMSEurope, Russia, Asia, IranFIAT, PSA, MAGNA, SUZUKI, GM-AVTOVAZ, MASERATI, IVECO, VALEO, ERGOM, MAGMARELLI, IDEA, ELASIS, STOLAISO 9000 / 200219931200000072English , French, German, Arabic, Russian, Engineering AR-GE Mũhendislik Dizayn Danişmanlik Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd Şti. TurkeyCommercial, Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
bMoobleTorinowww.bmooble.comTraffic managementbMooble platforminfomobility platformThe bMooble technology based on a three tier architecture allows organizations to effectively design and deploy extended Infomobility systems for drivers, passengers and traffic operators. They can access a variety of useful information such as traffic jams, parking facilities, restricted areas, multimodal interconnection nodes to name a few. The bMooble technology is based on a software platform built on different components located in the cloud and able to access existing systems, open data and sensors over IP (Internet protocol). Through the platform organizations can design and offer services integrating existing signals coming from vehicles and infrastructures with any “around me” information allowing users on the move to connect to the information using mobile devices. The technology is available to the customers either in form of traditional license or as PaaS (Platform as a Service) to those system integrators who wish to offer extended mobility services to their customer based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Europe, France, GermanyNDNo certification200706English , GermanGuidoColombogcolombo@bmooble.com011 2303622PIF Automotive,ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
BONANSEA ENGINEERING Torinowww.bonansea.itEngineering, Composite materials, Vehicles - conversion and tuning, Interior trimming, StylingPROTOTYPE, ENGINEERING, COMPOSITE, Interiors and exteriors production, Special vehicles............, ............., ............., ............., ............Design, engineering, prototype, structural components for means of transport. Panels, special means, passengers carriages tgv, boats, particular architecture in sandwich composites and theirs production in serie and turn key, innovative productions for interiors.Europe, Germany, Russia, Turkey, America, Brazil, CanadaFIAT AUTO, IVECO, GM, FIASA, TOFAS, ELASIS, Body, Interiors, Chassis, engine for engineering and prototype and style. Phisical and virtual protoype and models, innovative application in composite, Innovative composite application for bumpers, doors, interiors, panelsISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 200220091870English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, OtherROMINAGUGLIELMOTTObonansea.torino@bonansea.it011 5818989Bonansea Brasil ltda BrazilRepresentation, Commercial, Production, R&Dwww.bonansea.itTorino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Piemonte Naval Technology
BOTTINO GIRARDI & CTorinowww.bottinogirardi.netIntake manifold gaskets, Hoses / blow by, Silent block, Aestetical seals, Filter, tank , brake, etc sealsInjection molding, Injection compression molding, Post cure oven, Cutting machine, Aestetical / dimensional visual control machineDucati, Novares, MGI Coutier, Officine Meccaniche Cornaglia, Cooper Standard Automotive, Magna, Magneti Marelli, UFI Filters, Simoldes Plasticos, Johnson Electric, Piaggio, Fiat Group AutomobileISO TS 16949, ISO 1400119571.918English , French, Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Piemonte Naval Technology
CANAVERA & AUDITorinowww.canavera.comForging, Brakes and components, Steering parts, Components - engine interiors, ChassisSteering box rods, Drum brake shoes , Crankshafts for mono/ bicilindrical engines , Brackets, Gear Components BlanksHot forging of steel parts ( Hammer and Press ), Sheet Metal weldingProduction of finished components of steering boxes for commercial vehicles, structural parts, engine parts and drum brake components for trailer axlesEurope, France, Germany, SpainIVECO ASTRA VOLVO TRUCK VOLVO COMPACT, Gigant SAF Holland Gruppo Carraro Lombardini Motori Bondioli & Pavesi, Ganasce freno per grossisti variISO 9000 / 2002193537000000170English , French, GermanCarloCanaveracarlo.canavera@canavera.com3356073297PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain
CARBONELLA ROCCO E FIGLI Torinowww.carbonellarocco.itPrecision machining Metal turned partsSingle spindel headstock lathes operated by cams and high-precision CNC single-spindel lathesMetal turned parts from Diameter 3 mm until Diameter 22 mmEurope, UEOlsa S.p.A., Gruppo Eurolites S.p.A.ISO 9000 / 200219918940008English , GermanMATTEOCARBONELLAmatteo@carbonellarocco.it011-9137763PIF Automotive
CECOMP SPATorinowww.cecomp.itEquipment / molds, Body, Removable parts, Vehicles - conversion and tuning, Bodywork equipmentsTooling, Electric Vheicle, Metal sheet stamping, Style models, PrototypesCAS/CAD/CAE, N.C: Milling, Press shop, Hammer forming, LaserCECOMP’s mission is to provide a wide range of dedicated services for the construction of style models and the small series production of complete new vehicles. CECOMP has been working as a partner of leading OEM for over 30 years, producing show and concept cars, style models and master cubing, handmade and pre-series prototypes for the testing phase, the development and the manufacture of dies, prototype assembly and production tooling.Europe, Austria, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Asia, China, JapanBMW, Toyota, SuzukiBollorè, Renault, FIAT, Magna, Iveco, Hino Motors, Multimatic, C.P.P. Milan, Saint Gobain, Magneti MarelliISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 2002197830120000121English , French, ChineseMatteoRignanesematteo.rignanese@cecomp.it011 962 79 40Cecomp d.o.o.SloveniaProductionwww.cecomp.itPIF Automotive
CellinoTorinonon presenteCold pressing, Welding, Large size machining, Cutting / deep-drawing, Surface treatmentsMETAL PART FOR FRAMES, CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION, ENGINE COMPONENTS, BODY COMPONENTS, PROTOTYPES AND TOOLING CONSTRUCTION, OTHER METALLIC PARTSHYDRAULIC PRESSES, PRESSES WITH COIL FEEDER, CNC BENDING MACHINE, CUTTING MACHINE, LASER CUTTING MACHINEManufacturing of sheet metal items. Codesign, engineering and prototyping. Manufacturing of moulds. Moulding and assemblying (with robotic tools) of complex sheet components. Production of safety items. Laser technology. Europe, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Asia, China, India, Thailand, America, BrazilIVECO, FPT, MAN,VOLVO TRUCKS / CONSTRUCTION, GM, CNH, SCANIA,CAT, GESTAMP, TIBERINA SUZZARA, HOERMANN AUTOMOTIVE, INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVA, CAB PLUS JESI, OVERMEK, VM MOTORI , GMISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002197219000000500English , French, German, SpanishLiubovBelovaliubov.belova@cellino-group.it0118162164SHL PROUCTION PolandCommercial, ProductionBADVE CELLINO ENG PVT LTDIndiaCommercial, Logistic, ProductionPIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain
CHIMIMETALBiellawww.chimimetal.comTrim / plateskick plateCHEMICAL MILLINGCREATION THROUGH CHEMICALL MILLING OF STAINLESS STEEL kick plate.Europe, ItalyNUOVA SITET , NUOVA SITETISO 9000 / 20021997206800019English , French, German, SpanishGiuliaMasonig.masoni@chimimetal.com015667995PIF Automotive
CLNTorinowww.gruppocln.comEngineering, Structural analysis, Cad/cam/cae design, Structural parts, Wheels and hubsStructural steel and aluminium parts fro cars, Steel wheels for cars, trucks and bussessteel processing, welding, paintingDevelopment and design of steel wheels for cars, trucks, trailer, busses, motocycles. The manufacturing activity is located in different production plant all over the world . We are present in all continents. the manufacturing process consists of 4 steps, production of rims, production of discs, assembly (welding) and painting.Europe, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, UE, Extra UE, Asia, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, IranFIAT, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Renault, Iveco, MAN, Daimler, Volvo Renault, Produttori di penumatici, Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Excel (Japan), MW, Ma, GianettiISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002194818000009000English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, 9612251PIF Automotive INSERTS FOR OIL SEALS AND BEARINGS, METAL MOTOR-HOUSINGS (YOKE), FINE BLANKING PARTS, PRECISION METAL COMPONENTSmetal inserts for oil seals and bearings, metal motor-housings (yoke), fine blanking parts, precision metal componentsMSC SUZUKI, SKF DENSO , SKF TRELLEBORG FEDERAL MOGUL UCHIYAMA, SPAL MARTORISO TS 1694919941070000058English ALBERTODAL POZINFO@CO-MEC.IT0119662279CO.MEC USA United States of AmericaCommercialCO.MEC USA MANUFACTURING LLCUnited States of AmericaProductionPIF Automotive
COBRAPLAST Torinowww.cobraplast.comEquipment / molds, Pedal assembly, Suspensions/shock absorbers, Components - gear, BearingsTECNOPOLYMER BUSHINGS, Customized Products 21 injection moulding presses , n. 2 erosion (sodik), n. 1 wire erosion (sodick) , n. 1 injection moulding press 700 ton Engineering, FEM and mold flow, product development and mould injection of technopolymers (Krailon, registered trade mark of Cobraplast)Europe, UE, Extra UE, America, Brazil, MexicoFIAT, MERCEDS, OPEL, MAGNETI MARELLI, SILA, GRUPPO PROMAISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 20021999540000040English , French, GermanGenny Moscagmosca@cobraplast.com0119221827PIF Automotive
COPRAUTOTorinowww.coprauto.comEquipment / molds, Cad/cam/cae design, Bodyproduction tooling, prototype tooling, cold forming (stamping), assemblytool working, cold forming (stamping), laser cutting, bending, assembly (welding)Steel works Die design and construction Stamping Blanks assembly Laser cutting Bending and welding of blanksEurope, France, GermanyIVECO, SITL, OMG, OFF RUSPAISO 9000 / 20021964445English , French, GermanAndreaRizzicommerciale@coprauto.com011 964 17 52PIF Automotive
CORNAGLIATorinoWWW.CORNAGLIA.COMComponents - inlet system, Switches, Components - exhaust system, FiltersAFTERTREATMENT SYSTEMS, AIR INTAKE SYSTEMS AND FILTERS, STAMPED PARTSAftertreatments Systems, Deep Drawing, Injection Molding, Rotomolding, Blow Molding, air intake systems - aftertreatment systems - stamped metal componentsEurope, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, Asia, India, America, Brazil, United States of AmericaFPT; IVECO; RENAULT;FIAT;Volvo Trucks;Claas;CNH,, Magna, FPT, VW, Fiat Group, Iveco, CNH, Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, FPT, Claas, Deuz, Volvo Penta, MagnaISO TS 16949, ISO 1400119162050000001000English , French, 0141 682892Romania-Polonia--Turchia-India-USARomaniaProductionwww.cornaglia.comPIF Automotive
COS.MOwww.cosmoitalia.itCad/cam/cae design, Composite materials, MillingDESIGN, CUSTOMER PROTOTYPES, MOULDS FOR COMPOSITE, MILLING, COMPOSITEcad/cae/cam, c.n.c, oven for pre-and post-curing composites, technologies and vacuum infusionDesign, prototypes Construction and milling models style Building models for mold manufacture carbon fiber Laminating fiberglass and composite materialsEurope, Italygruppo audi volkswagenNo certification1990330000035English Gonario MarcoMorocosmoitalia@cosmoitalia.it0119664121ProductionPIF Automotive,Piemonte Naval Technology
DELGROSSOTorinowww.clean.itFiltersOIL FILTERS, AIR FILTERS, PETROL FILTERS, FUEL FILTERS, CABIN FILTERSPRESSES FOR STAMPING, PAPER PLEATED, FOAM POLYURETHANE, ASSEMBLY LINEDelgrosso S.p.A. was established in 1951, by Mario Delgrosso and is still owned and run by the Delgrosso family today. In 1960 Delgrosso S.p.A. focused on the production of filters for automotive applications. At the end of 1979, following a period of development and growth a range of oil, air and fuel filters was introduced under the trade mark of Clean Filters. During the later years, the continuous technical development and the demands of the various industries ensured the company offers the most reliable product range and service in Europe. Turin is the base for the company headquarters and three production plants which cover a total area of 15000 sqm. At every stage the Delgrosso S.p.A. process is fully vertically integrated, from high technology and automation through production to the testing, from the material purchase to the storage of finished product and from sales to the delivery. Delgrosso S.p.A. is well positioned on the international market thanks to the decision to serve the total interests of the customers, through the attentive care of their specific needs and the fulfilment of the highest market standards. The company has collaborated with numerous vehicle and engines manufacturers in the development and production for filters for oil, air and fuel applications and is proud of the high level of technology that has been achieved. Major automotive manufacturers influence the market and for this reason quality and assurance systems at Delgrosso S.p.A. are based on UNI. TS 16949. Thanks to its expertise, Delgrosso S.p.A., has maintained a high profile position among the top filter manufactures of oil, fuel, air and cabin filters, for the aftermarket sector. The Clean brand is constantly increasing company’s share of the domestic and international markets. Europe, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, SerbiaFIAT ,RVI,SAME,CNH, MGI, BOSCH ,MAGNETI MARELLI,VARIISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002195123000000170English , French, German, Spanish, Russian, OtherMARISADELGROSSOamm@clean.it0116897129PIF Automotive
DILVIO DE MARCO SPATorinowww.dilviodemarco.itBodyBodywork PrototypesCAD Work, Simulation, Tool milling, Pressing of sheet metal, Laser cut 3DOur company manufactures bodywork parts of steel, alluminum, stainless steel both for prototypes and small seriesEurope, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech RepublicBMW, ROLLS ROYCE, OPEL, PORSCHE, SKODA, FIAT AUTO, PIAGGIO, TIBERINA GROUP, LINDE & WIEMANNISO 9000 / 20021971425000025English , GermanGloriaDe Marcog.demarco@dilviodemarco.it0119592288DE MARCO PRAHA SROCzech RepublicProductionWWW,DILVIODEMARCO.ITPIF Automotive
Dimsport / Ecomotive www.ecomotive-solutions.comEngineering, Testing of vehicles and parts, Engine and components diagnosis, Engine control systems, Control units and componentsELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT, SOFTWARE E FIRMWARE PLANNING, ROLLING ROAD DYNAMOMETERS - POWER BENCH TESTERS PRODUCTION, DIESEL DUAL FUEL KITS DEVELOPMENTThe Holdim group was officially established in 1991, when the first company of the group, Dimensione Sport Srl Srl (now Dimsport) was founded. Key-factor of this event: the passion for racing. In the following years, a second company was created to support and develop new ambitious projects in the equipment field: Dimtech Srl. The group has grown to the leading positions in automotive, celebrated for the cutting-edge approach to engineering, manufacturing and marketing of solutions for the engine working management (tuning division) and car testing with road simulation (equipment division). The experience matured in the management of the engine working allowed the development of an innovative platform to control the Diesel + Gas dual fuel functioning condition on engines originally set 100% Diesel. This project is promoted and marketed by Ecomotive Solutions Srl. Europe, UE, Extra UE, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Myanmar, China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Georgia, Japan, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Africa, South Africa, America, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, United States of America, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela, Oceania, Australia, New ZelandDimsport - Dimtech - Ecomotive SolutionsISO 9000 / 200219911300000075English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, RussianGabrieleMascialigabriele.masciali@dimsport.it0142 9552Dimsport SpainSpainCommercialDimsport SudamericaBrazilCommercialPIF Automotive
DOTT GALLINATorinowww.gallina.itInterior trimming, Gaskets, Seats and parts, Trim / plates, Doors and componentsSEAT UPHOLSTERING PROFILES, WEATHER-STRIP PROFILES - INT. & EXT., DOOR TRIMMINGS, DOOR PANEL SEALINGS, ROOF & SUN-ROOF TRIMMINGSPLASTIC EXTRUSION - TOOLING, PLASTIC EXTRUSIONE - DIES, PLASTIC EXTRUSION - CUTTING TOOLING, PLASTIC EXTRUSION - CUTTING TOOLING, PLASTIC EXTRUSION - CO-EXTRUSIONProduction of thermoplastic extruded profiles (or co-extruded when more materiales are required), with Automotive applications, such as sealing systems, seat upholstering profiles, external and internal trimmmings, other technical profilesEurope, Germany, Moldova, Poland, RomaniaFIAT AUTO IVECO, LEAR AUNDE ASC, JOHNSON & CONTROLS, ASC AUNDE JONHSON CONTROL ISO TS 16949196138500000150English , French, German, Spanish, Russianfurlangiovannigiovanni.furlan@gallina.it0119628361PIF Automotive
E. SASSONE AstiWWW.ESASSONE.COMClutch and componentsCLUTCH DRIVEN PLATES MANUFACTURECNC Punching , Front double spindle CNC lathe, CNC Lathe, ROBOTIZED FOR ASSEMBLY AND WELDING, MECHANICAL PRESSES SHEARINGClutch manufacture for car, truck and tractor applications.Europe, Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Hungary, Extra UE, Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, America, ChileRENAULT AGRICULTURE - SAME DEUTZ - KAMAZ, TuttiISO 9000 / 20021953320028English , FrenchClaudioAndennaca@esassone.com0141 669691PIF Automotive
E.CO. (ATTIVA), Repairing kit, Brackets, Number plate holders, Storage systemsTutte le case automobilistiche europee ed alcune asiatiche1956300000028English , French, German, Spanish, Russian, OtherAliceRettagliatialice.rettagliati@eco-italia.com0119005499PIF Automotive
ED European Mechanical Engineering Design s.r.l.Modenawww.eddesign.itStyling, Cables and cabling systems, Engineering, Rubber / plastics machining, Controllers/simulatorsStyle , Engineering, Electrical Cable, Prototyping, workshopCatia V5, UG, Alias, PhotoshopDesign and feasibility study in Various productive sectors; - Technical expertise for the customers in Italia and abroad; - Products for prototype stage and/or mass production.Europe, Asia, China, America, United States of AmericaFIAT; Piaggio; Ducati; BMW; CNH; IVECO, MAGNETI MARELLIISO 9000 / 200219988000000250English , French, Spanish, ChineseRINOFICCOr.ficco@eddesign.it338 5777138PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Design Building Living
EICAS AUTOMAZIONETorinowww.eicas.itEICASDRIVE: vehicle crash prediction and collision avoidance system (passive and active safety), ERSEC: precise on-board vehicle localisation system through datafusion of GPS-EGNOS, GIS, environme, EICASLAB (software): the professional software suite professionale for automatic control design and , EICASLAB RCP (hardware + software): EICASLAB Rapid Control Prototyping multi-core PC platform (IntelEICASLAB SOFTWARE SUITE FOR AUTOMATIC CONTROL DESIGN AND FORECASTING, EICASLAB RAPID CONTROL PROTOTYPING PLATFORMFIAT, IVECO, MAGNETI MARELLINo certification19845909527English , French, GermanGabriellaCaporalettig.caporaletti@eicas.it0115623798PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,Infrastructure & Logistics
ELETTRONICA CONDUTTORI and cabling systemsshielded cables T3 125°C, unshielded cables T2 105°C, T4 150°C cables, spiral cablesextrusion lines, stranding lines, braid shielding machinesManifacturing of electrical cables for special applications up to 150°C, single and multicore cablesEurope, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, America, Brazil, MexicoFiat FGA e Iveco - fornitore omologato secondo livello, Delphi, Yazaki, Sumitomo, Sews Cabind, Cofat, Draexlmeier, CDS ecc., Adiator, Proel, TGM, Facet, CDS, Fiat, Ford, GM, ecc. - non conosciamo in particolare i modelliISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 20021982657000049English , French, Automotive,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
ELTEK Alessandriawww.eltekgroup.itSensorsCOILS & SOLENOIDS, SENSORS, MECHATRONIC COMPONENTS, HEATERS, VALVES.The ELTEK Group designs, develops and manufactures electromechanic and electronic components for the Automotive sector. Six international plants work strongly connected with customers (tier 1 and OEMs) for the production of innovative, customized products. The Group expertise ranges from mechatronic units to assembled modules, coils, valves, heaters, sensors (temperature, pressure, t+p+rh sensors), electronic boards, moulds and moulded plastic parts.Europe, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, UE, Asia, China, America, Brazil, United States of AmericaFiat, JCB, Bosch , Magneti Marelli, Delphi, Era, Meat&Doria, SidatISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 200219790500English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, OtherAlessandroRollèa.rolle@eltekgroup.it0142335511ELTEK Brasil Ltda.BrazilCommercial, Logistic, Productionwww.eltekgroup.itELTEK ELECTROMECHANICAL PRODUCTS CO LTDChinaCommercial, Logistic, Productionwww.eltekgroup.itELTEK POLAND Sp. Zo.oPolandCommercial, Logistic, Productionwww.eltekgroup.itELTEK Germany GmbH GermanyRepresentation, Commercialwww.eltekgroup.itELTEK USA inc.United States of AmericaRepresentation, Commercialwww.eltekgroup.itPIF Automotive
EMA Torinohttp://www.ema-ic.itEngineering, Testing, Control units and components, Research centresECU CLIMATE CONTROL, ECU HEAT PUMP CONTROL, BRUSHLESS MOTOR CONTROLRapid Prototyping Software, Simulation with feedbackConcept & Design • ECU architectural design, • Communication networks specifications, • Hardware/firmware, • Long term manteinance Rapid prototyping • Network nodes simulation, • Hardware simulators for HIL benches, • Software tools for MIL/SIL benches, Calibration • CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP), • eXtended Calibration Protocol (XCP), • Custom calibration tools, • Third parties calibration tools Diagnostics • Diagnostic specifications, • Fault detection strategies, • Recovery, • Custom diagnostic tools, • Third parties diagnostic tools • UDS, KWP2000 Reprogramming tools • Custom bootloaders on CAN, LIN, RS232, • Software flashing tools, Validation and testing • ECU-to-ECU communication test, • Test suite development, • EOL testing tools, • Data loggers, • Automated reports • Formal code checking (MISRA), • Unit tests, • Bug tracking. Europe, ItalyFIAT, MAGNETI MARELLI, ED, DENSO, JONHSON ELECTRICNo certification200570000018English , SpanishCOSMABELLOmarketing@ema-ic.it011/9575747PIF Automotive
ENDURANCE FONDALMEC_ENDURANCE OVERSEASTorinowww.enduranceoverseas.comEngine body, Components - exhaust system, Components - inlet systemENGINE COVER, EXHAUST MANIFOLD, UPPER CYLINDER HEAD, ENGINE BRACKET, HUBHigh pressure die casting, Forget parts, Gravity, Injection MoldingMetal cutting, Machining & Assembly of different alloy components in aluminium, cast iron and forged steel. High pressure Die Casting automotive components production Injection molding Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, America, Brazil, MexicoFIAT; GM; RENAULT; PSA; VW, CF GOMMA; MAGNETI MARELLI; VM MOTORIISO TS 169492007010English , French, German, PortugueseFrancescaAUTINOfrancesca.autino@enduranceoverseas.com0110142360Amann Druckguss GmbHGermanyCommercial, Logistic, Production, R&Dwww.enduranceoverseas.comPIF Automotive
EnecomFirenzewww.enecompower.comElectrical system, Electrical and hybrid vehiclesHF130, HF90, FV Custom modulescrystalline silicon photovoltac technology, Innovative plastic materialsEnecom photovoltaic modules are manufactured with a special patented technology using special plastic materials provide flexibility and lightness while using crystalline silicon cells. This technology allows maximum efficiency in conversion of sun energy. Lightness (2 kg/sqm) allow maximum wight conteinment, while their flexibility allows to adapt the module to the surfaces of the vehicle, not compromising the stylistic choice.Europe, France, GermanyFIAT, IVECO, VOLVOISO 140012012015English DiegoAvesanidiego.avesani@enecom-hf.com0112979165PIF Automotive,Piemonte Naval Technology
ERA srlTorinowww.eraspares.itAlternators, Lever switch unit, Electrical system, Sensors, Engine fuel supplyrotating electrics, ignition coils, spare parts for electric rotatings, engine management system, othersDistribution of electric and electronic spare parts.Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceaniatutte le autovetture di produzione europea, coreana e giapponeseISO 9000 / 200219833921495081English , French, German, Spanish, Russian, OtherJaroslawGorajarek.gora@eraspares.it0116891531ChinaRepresentationMessmer GmbHGermanyRepresentationPIF Automotive
ERRECINQUETorinowww.errecinque.itPipes and manifolds, Coatings and panels, Components - cooling system, Brakes and componentsAIR BRAKE SYSTEM TUBES, TUBES AND ASSEMBLIES FOR FUEL CONDUCTION, UREA (AD BLUE) SENDER UNIT, COOLING ENGINE TUBES, CAB LIFTING HOSESEXTRUSION, THERMO FORMING, ASSEMBLIES, METAL TUBES BENDING, RUBBER MOULDINGManufacturing of plastic flexible tubes for air, water, fuel, oil and fuel vapours and all fluids on industrial vehicles (light, medium or heavy range), passenger cars and motorbykes. low, medium and high pressures. Smooth or corrugated, straight or thermo formed, with or wothout end fitting, mono or multi layers. metallic tubes. Ad Blue (urea) sender units. Moulded parts both plastic and rubber.Europe, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, America, United States of AmericaPIAGGIO DUCATI FERRARI MC LAREN IVECO FPT FIAT CNH, ROECHLING CORNAGLIA, IVECO IRISBUSISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 20021981230000000155English , French, German, SpanishLuisellaLoveralovera@errecinque.it0119969260PIF Automotive
F.LLI GERVASITorinowww.gervasi-spa.itEngineering, Vehicles - conversion and tuningTIPPER SEMITRAILER FOR WASTE OR SCRAP TRANSPORT, TIPPER ON TRUCKS FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS, SEMITRAILERS FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS AND MINERY STEEL LASER CUTTING, STEEL FOLDING, WELDING, SANDBLASTING, WATER PAINTINGOUR FIRM IS A SPECIALIZED BODY BOUILDER. OUR MAIN PRODUCTS ARE SEMITRAILERS FOR WASTE OR SCRAP METAL TRANSPORT AND TIPPERS OR SEMITRAILERS FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS OR MINERY.Asia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Africa, Ghana, Lybia, America, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Oceania, AustraliaIVECO SPA, ASTRA SPAISO 9000 / 20021974048English , French, Spanish, ArabicStefaniaGervasistefania@gervasi-spa.it00390119866222GERVASI POLSKA SPZOOPolandProductionwww.gervasipolska.plGERVASI VOSTOKRussiaProductionPIF Automotive,ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy
FALGA (ATTIVA) (ATTIVA)NovaraRubber molding, Forming of thermoplastics productsCV Joint Boot, Steering Rack GaiterCV Joint boots and steering Rack gaiters mass productionEurope, AmericaTutte le vetture europee e molte asiaticheISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 20021974737English , French, German, 0322900255PIF Automotive
FIERATorinowww.fierasrl.comScrews/bolts/fasteners, Antivibration partsFASTENERS, ANTIVIBRATION MOUNTINGSCold forming, Hot forming, TurningFiera s.r.l. is an Italian company which has been operating in the fasteners market for over 20 years, during which gained significant market knowledge and deep technical competence. The accurate research of top quality products , together with the prerogative of a top level service, are the guidelines of Fiera’s activity. The steady growth of collaboration with the customers allowed Fiera to develop a top-notch logistic support , which is a fundamental part of the offered service. The know-how developed , concerning the manage of the products with monthly or weekly deliveries on customer’s programs , is the result of the experiences with our customers to whom we supply a complete and high quality service. Fiera s.r.l. is an Italian company which has been operating in the fasteners market for over 20 years, during which gained significant market knowledge and deep technical competence. The accurate research of top quality products , together with the prerogative of a top level service, are the guidelines of Fiera’s activity. The steady growth of collaboration with the customers allowed Fiera to develop a top-notch logistic support , which is a fundamental part of the offered service. The know-how developed , concerning the manage of the products with monthly or weekly deliveries on customer’s programs , is the result of the experiences with our customers to whom we supply a complete and high quality service. 25.000 items in stock, technical support and quick delivery. All the materials and all the coatings ( compliant to the ELV 2000/53/EC directive ). The wide range of standard products is completed by the capability to produce specials on customers’ drawing, for large and small series as well. UNI, EN, ISO, DIN, ASTM, FIAT, GM, Opel, Ford and Mitsubishi normatives are well known.Europe, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, HungaryFIAT, TRW, ITW, Delphi, Iveco Piaggio Fiat CNHISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 20021975400000014English , FrenchMarcoVaccaronemarco@fierasrl.com0110714723PIF Automotive
FIR FuldaTorinowww.fir-fulda.comFilters, Electric motors, Coatings and panels, Carpets, Conditioning systemfiltering media for air or fuel filters, gelt washers for electric enginescarding, felting and milling for wool felts, deying in roll, finishing treatments: stiffening, water-proof, flame-retardant, stain-proof, moth-proofed, RONTEX technology for production of tubular felts, die-cutting and cuttuing with PLOTTER (.dxf drawing)Production of components for engine (filtering media for cabin air conditionig filters, engine air filters, fuel filters, oil abrobent felt washers) felt gaskets for seat belt, components for floor covering, acoustic-non-woven for engine, loudspeaker covers, seat linings, textile wheel housing, 'silence tapes' to prevent crakling/goaningEurope, Italy, Turkey, Africa, Tunisia, America, MexicoASAS Filters; Athena Spa; Cummins Filtration; AGM Otomotiv; Sofima Filter (UFI Group), filtri Baldwin ; filtri UFI; filtri CumminsNo certification1960800000077English , French, GermanLauraRossolaura.rosso@fir-fulda.com0119324143PIF Automotive
FLEXBALL ITALIANA (ATTIVA) (ATTIVA) (ATTIVA)TorinoCables and cabling systems, Components - powertrainelectronic foot pedals, mecahnical foot pedals, push-pull cables, control levers.Flexball Italiana company is manufacturing electronic foot pedals and remote control systems for trucks, construction equipment and industrial field in general.Europe, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, UkraineIVECO, CNH, CATERPILLAR, ASTRA, DYNAPAC, ATLAS COPCO, IVECO RICAMBI, CNH, CATERPILLARISO 9000 / 20021973375700035English , French, German, SpanishLUCASCARFONEluca.scarfone@flexballitaliana.com0119038900WR ControlsSwedenProductionWR Controls AsiaChinaProductionWR ControlsEstoniaProductionWR ControlsGermanyRepresentation, R&DPIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Piemonte Naval Technology
FlexiderTorino - exhaust system, Pipes and manifolds, Testing of vehicles and partsFLEXIBLE ELEMENT FOR GAS EXH.SYSTEM OF PASSENGER CAR & COMM.VEHICLES, BELLOWS EXP.JOINTS FOR ENGINE MANIFOLD, FLEXIBLE TUBES FOR ENGINE OIL RETURN & EXH.GAS RECIRCULATION, EXPANSION JOINTS FOR CHEMICAL & PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY, METALLIC PARTS FOR AEROSPACEThin-layer transformation, Welding processes, hydroforming, CNC Machines, CarpentryDesign and Manufacturing of - flexible metallic parts for Automotive application; - for Industrial application (Chemical & Petrochemical Industry; - Components for AerospaceEurope, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, TurkeyVOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, FGA, FAURECIA, MAGNETI MARELLI, EBERSPAECHER, TENNECO, VM MOTORI, FAURECIA, MAGNETI MARELLI, EBERSPAECHER, TENNECOISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002192110115English , French, German, POLAND Sp z o.o.PolandLogistic, Productionwww.flexider.comFLEXIDER (WUXI) BELLOWS CO LTDChinaLogistic, Automotive
G.S.A. ARLTorinowww.gsa-srl.comComponents - engine interiors, Components - powertrain, Pipes and manifolds, Axles and components, Brakes and componentsHOT FORGING, MACHININGhydraulic presses, milling machines for various dimensionsHot-forged and cold-forged component parts, produced in various metals and alloys;components with execution of machining workings, thermal or surface treatment, based on customer’s requirementsEurope, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Romania, Serbia, SloveniaIVECO FIAT - CONTITECH GROUP - MANITOU , IVECO FIAT - CONTITECH GROUP - MANITOU TOYOTA - RENAULT VOLVO TRUCK, FIAT GROUP, IVECO STRALISISO 9000 / 2002199639020007English , French, GermanGIUSEPPECASETTIinfo@gsa-srl.com012477544PIF Automotive
General CabAstiwww.generalcab.comElectric motors, Cables and cabling systems, Forming of thermoplastics productsELECTRIC MOTORS PRODUCTION, CABLES PRODUCTION, PLASTIC INJECTIONFULLY AUTOMATED LINES FOR DC MOTOR ASSEMBLY, MANUAL LINES FOR WIRING ASSEMBLY, VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL MACHINES FOR INJECTION PLASTIC MOULDINGProduction of radiator cooling and compartment ventilation electric motors with fan and shroud. Plastic injection production and cables / wires production. Europe, France, Germany, Spain, SwedenIRAN KHODRO, ICML, AMW, VOLVO TRUCK, , TITANX, DENSO, MASI, AKG, OESSE, DENSO, DELPHI, VALEO, NIDECISO TS 16949198215961382109English , French, Spanish, Arabic, OtherFedericoAbbatecommerciale@generalcab.com0141201833General Cab Med S.A.R.L.TunisiaLogistic, ProductionGeneral Cab Iberica S.L.SpainRepresentation, Commercial, LogisticGeneral Cab ParsIranRepresentation, Commercial, Logistic, Production, R&DPIF Automotive
GHELCO Torinowww.ghelco.itStyling, Machine toolsValjet 1600, Valjet 1000, Masnàdekdigital Printing systemProduction and sell of digital Printing systems for the decoration of small parts of a car or directly for the decoration of a part of the car.Europe, France, Germany, Russia, Asia, China, Japan, Indonesia, IranCarrozzeria Conzato Carrozzeria AstigianaNo certification199312000008English , French, SpanishUmbertoBonoumberto.bono@bcommstudio.com0118950977SpainCommercialPIF Automotive
GRANSTUDIOTorinowww.granstudio.comStylingStyle Development, Creative/Strategic ConsultanciesCommercial Software for design1) Brand Design DNA definition / Brand Positioning /Strategies for Brand implementation 2) Style research (including sketches) 3) Virtual models development 4) Concept car studies, Design and physical realization 5) Style development till production (A-Class surfaces) 6) Coaching of Client's Designers 7) Creative consultancies as support to Client's internal projectsEurope, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, Asia, ChinaChery, BMW, Gruppo FIAT, Philips, Private Clients for One-off projectsNo certification2011130000023English , French, Automotive
I.DE.A INSTITUTE Torinowww.ideainstitute.itCad/cam/cae design, Engineering, Structural analysis, Body, Vehicles - conversion and tuningMODELS, PROJECT, STYLING, ENGINEERING, PROTOTYPESSecurity Model boxex for co-location, Project areas for co-location, Milling machine, Prototypes deptEngineering, CAM, modelingEurope, Germany, ItalyFIAT GROUP (FIAT, IVECO, CNH NEW HOLLAND, MASERATI, ECC) CHANGAN ISO 9000 / 2002197814000000150English , French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, ArabicAlbertoSELLAalberto.sella@ideainstitute.it0116616336IDEA Institute Engenharia e Design LtdaBrazilCommercial, LogisticPIF Automotive
I.M.C.Torinowww.imc-srl.comBody, Structural parts, Axles and components, Cold pressingMETAL and ALUMINIUM STAMPING MANUFACTURING, AIR PRESSURE TANKS FOR BREAKS SYSTEM, DIES CONSTRUCTIONTransfer and progressive mechanical presses up to 3.000 Ton, Automatic Press Lines up to 2.000 Ton, Robotized Welding lines , MIG / TIG welding facilities, Decharge welding machinesI.M.C. activities: - steel and aluminium cold forming for structural, safety and body components - assembling - air pressure tanks construction - dies constructionEurope, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, TurkeyVW GROUP, BMW, DAIMLER, RENAULT GROUP, IVECOISO TS 16949, ISO 14001196243500000120English , French, German, SpanishMassimoRoagnamassimo.roagna@imc-srl.com0119726111PIF Automotive
I.M.P.A.F.lli Togno Verbania of thermoplastics products, Finishinginjection moulding, chromium platinginjection moulding machineInjection moulding and shiny/satin chromium platingEurope, ItalyBitronISO 9000 / 20021955180000012English FrancoTognoinfo@impa-togno.com0323 586903PIF Automotive,Design Building Living
ILTAR-ITALBOX INDUSTRIE RIUNITE SPATorinowww.iltar-italbox.itExpanded polypropylene absorbers for front and rear bumpers, Shock absorber in expanded polypropylene for inner part of car (inner door panel, under carpet, prot, Tool boxes, cargo box for fix&go in expanded polypropylene for car boot, Special containers in Expanded Polypropylene and Polystyrene foam for containment and logistics hand, Aluminium mold construction for internal productionTeubert's moulding machines for PPE, Alessio's molding machines for moldind EPP/EPS, HAAS CNC machines for mold construction, Gluing line for combining materials.FCA Italy, FCA Poland, FCA Serbia, Sevel Atessa, FCA Melfi, Iveco Italia, Iveco Spagna, Industrie Maserati, Officine Maserati Grugliasco, Cecomp, Industrie Pininfarina, BMW, Ford, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Ducati, Piaggio, Adient, Lear, Autoneum, Adler Pelzer, Roi Automotive, Proseat, Denso, Gruppo Prima, STS Acoustics, Sapa, Automotive Lighting, Lucchese Industrie, Sole Components, Magna, Faurecia, Toyota Boshoku, Magneti Marelli, Gruppo Prima Automotive, Sole Components, Automotive Lighting, PC&MA, Bcube, Industrie Metallvacuum Ranger, Toscana Gomma, TRW, Gruppo Proma, Sapa Group, Gestind, Leva , Tutte le vetture del Gruppo FCA, prodotte in Italia e in Europa dagli stabilimenti FCA, Alfa, Lancia, Maserati e IvecoISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 200219581344English , French, German, SpanishPatriziaPagliapatrizia.paglia@iltar-italbox.it00390124501055ILTAR-ITALBOX PolandLogisticwww.iltar-italbox.itPIF Automotive
INDUSTRIE LISATorinowww.industrielisa.itBody, Equipment / molds, Brakes and componentsENGINE COMPONENTS, SHEET METAL BODY COMPONENTS, BRAKING SYSTEM COMPONENTS, RADIATOR COMPONENTS, EGR COMPONENTSmechanical presses, machine tools , laser-cutting robot, welding machines, gauging/measuring machinesIndustrie Lisa s.r.l. is located near Turin (Italy) and has been supplying pressed sheet metal parts for the automotive industry for 50 years. Our Mission is to provide excellence and maximum value in sheet metal components, dies, assemblies and services to the automotive industryEurope, UE, Extra UEVOLVO, DAYCO EUROPE, BREMBO, HUTCHINSON, DYTECH, LEAR, ILVA, ALBASIDERISO TS 16949, ISO 140011979755English LUCAMARTINIluca.martini@industrielisa.it0119688722INDUSTRIE LISA SP.ZO.O.PolandProductionPIF Automotive
ING. BERTOLOTTI & C. (ATTIVA), Cold pressing, Laser cuttingmechanic carpentry for machines tools , diggers and lift trucks, carpentry structures made with aluminum alloys and stainless steel used in Avionic, electromechanica, machining of aluminum alloys for electromechanical devices, brackets, supports and varius mechanics items for, furnishing, panels and claddings made by metal sheetArc Welding, Sheet metal bending, Miling, Cutting and bending metal profiles, Mechanical assembly (removable and fixed)We are specialized in manufacturing of mechanic carpentry for machines tools , diggers and lift trucks . We are able to produce structural components, functional and aesthetic brackets, clamps and metal sheet plate protections. We have got cutting edge equipments and qualified staff in manufacturing and welding of middle dimensions structures made with aluminum alloys and stainless steel used in Avionic, electromechanical and food industry. Having a wide range of machine tools we can make many different processes as machining (CNC Milling with CAD-CAM) , cold deformation of metal sheet, electric arc welding. We have got a certificated system of quality management in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 since 2000. In our “ quality policy” you could find the targets to constantly improve the quality standard and to increase the relations and partnership with clients aiming for their maxim satisfaction. Our simple organization help us to have a quick and effective management of specific orders, prototyping and middle-small productions. We can realize and supply complete products including painting , sandblasting, galvanic and heat treatment, assembling.priority is workers’ s constant training and a carful supplier selection to realize high standard products having competitive costs and using well advanced methodology.Europe, GermanyNew Holland Construction, CNH, CNH RicambiISO 9000 / 200219495359English MatteoBertolottiinfo@ing-bertolotti.com0114240788PIF Automotive
INTECS SPATorinowww.intecs.itEngineering, Testing, Testing of vehicles and partsEngineering, DLT Analyzer, DIANA Network Test BenchModel Based Design, UML, Autosar, SIL, MILIntecs provides the most innovative software&hardware technology, engineering services and products for dependable safety- and mission-critical electronics systems. Automotive core competences: ECUs Software design and development (Body Computer, Instrument Panel Cluster, In-Vehicle Infotainment, PowerTrain, Diagnostic Systems), ECUs System/Software Verification and Validation ( Simulator and ATE Development, ECU System Validation), Vehicle Integration & Validation, ECU Hardware Design, Process & Safety Consulting. Intecs is Member of AUTOSAR, ARTOP and GENIVI. Products: DLT-Analyzer, a software tool for collecting and analyzing “log&trace” information from an ECU and automatic test bench based on commercial products and not for the automotive systems. Europe, Germany, America, United States of AmericaFIAT, CNH INDUSTRIAL, PIAGGIO, Magneti Marelli, 3BCOBO, FPT, METASYSTEM, BITRON, METASYSTEM, COBRANo certification200136169717630English , French, German, ChineseFrancescoTetifrancesco.teti@intecs.it050 965 7411FranceRepresentation, Commercialwww.intecs.itGermanyCommercial, R&Dwww.intecs.itTorino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
ITT ITALIA SRLMilanoNON PRESENTEBrakes and componentsbrake pads, Drum in HatPress, Heat treatment, Material Flow, Manufacturing Cycle timeBrake pads supplierEurope, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, AustraliaPSA, Renault, GM, BMW, Fiat..., Conti, CBI, TRW, Brembo..., Conti, CBI, TRW, Brembo..., PSA, Renault, GM, BMW, Fiat...ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 200219705001000English , French, German, ChineseMariaGrazianomaria.graziano@itt.com0175347166PIF Automotive
M4UTorinowww.m4usrl.comWheels and hubs, Axles and components, Bearings, Precision machining , Large size machiningwheel hub bearing, sincronizing gear, component for dumpersCNC LATHE, CNC WORK STATIONSMachiningEurope, France, Germany, Italyskf, skf, snrISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002200721000000200English , 0124 479785PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
MAHINDRA GRAPHIC RESEARCH DESIGNTorinowww.mgrd.itEngineering, Body, Removable parts, Dashboard / instruments, BumpersBIW, Instrument panel & interior trim, Bumper & exterior trim, Glass & Sealing, GD&T, electrical layout, CAD Catia V5, Unigraphics, CAS Stile surfaces Alias, DMU visual mock up, with Enovia, Kinematics, Catia V5, GD&T tolerances Chain calculation with 3DCSMGRD has matured, in its twenty years of activity, skills and competence in products development ranging from automotive to industrial design. The company's core business is project development for: BIW, closures, interior trim, dashboard, exterior trim and underbody. For those systems his major customer consider MGRD: “System Leaders”. This means that, thanks also to MGRD strong partnerships, the company can develop “turn key” all the mentioned system from the earlier feasibility study until the SOP support. Be able to realize style dreams, satisfy the final customer demand with robust and functional solution, are always been the fundamental aspects that characterize our company in approaching to the projects. Not least the MGRD is able to propose alternative style proposal or integrations proposal for the products under development. Asia, IndiaMahindra Automotive Mahindra Tractor Mahindra Reva FIAT Maserati Alfa Romeo, Sekurit Standard Profil Maggiora, STEP Engine EngineeringISO 9000 / 20022008540000045English , 39 0113499487PIF Automotive fuel supplyINJECTOR FOR ALTERNATIVE FUEL, PCD-PRESSURE CONTROL DEVICE FOR ALTERNATIVE FUEL, COALESCENT FILTER FOR GASEOUS ALTERNATIVE FUELmolding plastic materials, molding metallic materials, precision machining, thermal and surface treatmentsdevelop, design, manufacture and sales of components (injectors, pressure regulators, filters and accessories) to feed alternative fuels (CNG-compressed natural gas, LNG-liquefied natural gas, LPG-liquefied propane gas and Hydrogen) for internal combustion engines.Europe, UE, Asia, China, India, Iran, America, Argentinanon disponibile, non disponibile, non disponibileISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 200219881180000075English , French, German, SpanishMaurizio Automotive,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
MEC-DIESEL SPATorinoComponents - engine interiors, Engine body, Pumps, Components - gear, Filterscylinder heads, crankshafts, pistons, turbochargers, shotblockssales of diesel engines and diesel engine parts for small and medium commercial vehicles, trucks and busesEurope, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, AsiaIveco, CNH, Mercedes, Scania, Man, Volvo, Renault.ISO 9000 / 200219832561100040English , French, German, Spanish, RussianAlbertoPellegrinoa.pellegrino@mecdiesel.it0113972132PIF Automotive
MECCANICA OTM Torinowww.meccanica-otm.comPrecision machining , Milling, Threading, Grinding, Metallic productsPIN,BOLT, BUSH MILLED, THREADED BUSHING, PIN GRINDING, WASHERSC.N.C. Lathe, Mechanical automatic lathesProduction of turned metallic components up 3mm diameter to 90 mm diameter under the client drawingEurope, Austria, France, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, TurkeyIveco S.p.A., Magneti Marelli, Lear Corporation,CF Gomma,Denso,Valeo,Oerlikon,Heinrich Ag,Humbach Gmbh,Automotive Lighting,Facet,Real, Errecinque,Industrie Lisa,Heinrich Ag,Otto Roth,Humbach Gmbh,ISO 9000 / 20021979010English , French, GermanMassimoContadincommerciale@otmsnc.it0119351452PIF Automotive
Mediterr Shock AbsorbersCaltanissettawww.gimonmsa.comSuspensions/shock absorbersshock absorbersspecialized laboratories, automatic assembly lines, water paintingdesign and manufacturing of shock absorbers for commercial and industrial vehicles, buses, axles, trailer and semi-trailers, off road vehicles, military vehiclesEurope, Albania, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, Extra UE, Asia, China, India, Africa, Algeria, Ethiopia, Lybia, Senegal, Tunisia, Uganda, America, VenezuelaIveco, gamma europea (truck, trailer, bus, assali etc)ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002198915427182115English , French, German, 0141 295700PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain
MEGOTorinowww.megosrl.comComponents - engine interiorsSPARE PARTS IVECO, RICAMBI FIATEXPORTEurope, Asia, Africa, AmericaIVECO / FIAT / CNHNo certification1978108233708English , French, German, Spanish, RussianGUIDORAMINIdirezione@megosrl.com3480748229CubaCommercialPIF Automotive
METATRON SRLBolognawww.metatron.itEngine fuel supply, Engineering, Cad/cam/cae design, Components - inlet system, TestingNatural Gas Pressure Regulator, Natural Gas Engine Control Unit, Injector Fuel Rail, Engine fuel supply pipesDesign CAD (electronics and Mechanical), Computational Fluidinamic CFD, Fuidodynamic testing, Fast prototype for automotive electronics systems, Robotized productionMetatron is leader in Pressure Regulators technology for Heavy and Light duty NGV vehicles as well as Engine Control Systems. Its prodcution range also includes injectors, fuel rails, sensors and actuators, special hoses and accessories. Metatron regulators are available in single and double stage configurations and designed for CNG, LNG and LPG applications. The piston technology ensures utmost reliability, endurance and zero maintenance; such results are achieved through advanced laboratory assets and cutting-edge end of line tests.Europe, France, Poland, Russia, Asia, China, America, United States of AmericaFIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES CNHI , SDEC (CINA) YUCHAI (CINA) CNHIISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 200219972226685English , FrenchGiuseppeMilettogiuseppe.miletto@metatron.it0119992131Metatron Control Systems (Shanghai) Co., LtdChinaCommercial, Logistic, R&Dwww.metatron.itPIF Automotive
Metrologia SpATorinowww.metrologiaspa.comStyling, Testing of vehicles and parts, Measurement tools, Laser technologies, Research centresInspection 3D, Reverse Engineering, CMM Programming, CMM maintenance, Education Laser (Tracker and Scanner), Contact instruments, Blue light ScannerMetrologia Group is composed by two legal entities specialized in 3D metrology with an offer of services and instruments. Services offered: consultancy and analisys in the metrological field, inspection and testing (inside and at the plants of the customers) with contact instruments (e.g. anthropomorphic arms, CMMs) or Laser Trackers or Laser Scanners or optical or photogrammetric instruments); reverse engineering (laser or optical, or photogrammetric instruments); CMM programming, maintenance, calibration and retrofit; professional training courses and training on the job. Metrologia rents and sell the best hardware (new and used) and software products experimentedEurope, France, Germany, America, Brazil Brabant, BredaMenariniBus, Caterpillar, Ferrari, Italdesign, Iveco, Lamborghini, Maserati, Renault (FR), Borbet (D), COMAU, Fiat Auto, Iveco, Brabant, I servizi e i prodotti che noi forniamo prescindono dai settori (Auto, Avio, etc) dai marchi e dai modelli.ISO 9000 / 20022006183700022English , Automotive,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
MIROGLIO & C SPATorinowww.mirogliomeccanica.itComponents - engine interiors, Components - gear, Components - powertrainBRIDGE VALVES, RETAINER, SPRING, INJECTOR SLEEVES, COMPONENTS 4WD, OLI PRESSURE VALVESCNC Turning machines, CNC lathes, Machining Center, CNC Grinding Machines, Transfert, Cleaness LaboratoryMiroglio & C. Company works in the precision mechanical field with CNC lathes and machining centres producing components, having a production range diameter from 4 mm up to 250 mm. Our company is specialized in working with high-resistance special steel grades to supply a finished product (including grinding, heat treatment and surface treatment) to the end-user. Our design and production capabilities cover prototyping,small and medium series, and up to high volume quantities. We can also supply forged parts, both hot and cold, and extruded components through our partners to provide you with a full complete solution to your mechanical components requirements. Miroglio & C has been supplying directly to major industrial vehicles and automotive passenger vehicles. Our experienced Technical Staff, equipped with the CADCAM system, are able to provide feasibility studies and work with your Designers to co-design products at the most competitive costs. Miroglio & C is certified in according to the automotive norm ISO/TS 16949:2002 (ISO 9001:2000), and works with modern machineries to ensure the supply of high quality parts to its clients.Europe, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Extra UE, Asia, China, America, Canada, Mexico, United States of AmericaFIAT POWERTRAIN, FGA, Iveco, CNHI, Ferrari, Haveco., Magna powertrain, Thyssen Presta, Linamar powertrain, ZFISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 200219621750000070English , FrenchMaurizioMirogliomiroglio@mirogliomeccanica.it0113096780PIF Automotive
Modelway SRLTorinowww.modelway.itDirect Virtual Sensors per side slip angle estimation, Self tuning control for drive by wire actuator, Virtual sensors for engine control, Powertrain control systemsNOSEM® (NOn linear SEt-membership Modeling) is an innovative methodology for modeling complex nonlinear systems from experimental data. , DVS® (Direct Virtual Sensors) are virtual sensors directly designed from data, without requiring model building., STC® (Self-Tuning Control) is a technology for the design of control systems from experimental data measured on the real system.FCA, GM, Mecaprom, Aizoon, SKF, BOSCH,Magneti Marelli, IMQ group, STmicroelectronics, COBO groupNo certification20041500006English , FrenchIlarioGerleroilario.gerlero@modelway.it0112258261Torino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
MollebalestraTorinowww.mollebalestra.itSuspensions/shock absorbersSpring and leaf springRolling mill, Tempering, AssemblingMOLLEBALESTRA has 50 years' experience in the design and manufacture of multi-leaf and parabolic springs, air suspension links, stabilizer bars and U-bolts for industrial vehicles. Mollebalestra operates in 3 productive places, in North and Italy Center, with technological structures to the vanguard and strict controls on the working processes. A dynamic technical- trade commission offers complete attendance with flexible and immediate solutions. Europe, Austria, Belarus, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, HungaryIVECO, ASSALI STEFFEN, IVECO, MERCEDES, MANISO 9000 / 200219981000000061English , French, GermanSPYRIDONPAPASPYROUdorna@mollebalestra.it0112265300PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain
MOLLIFICIO ITALIANO S.R.L.Torinowww.mollificioitaliano.itCOMPRESSION SPRING, EXTENSION SPRING, TORSION/FLEXION SPRING, SMALL METALLIC PARTS, DEFORMED TUBESpring former 2012, Spring former 2006, SPRING FORMER 2005 , SPRING FORMER 2008, AVVOLGITRICE 2003CALEARO ANTENNE , KNORR BREMSE, FICOSA GROUP, LOVATO GAS , ORHAN OTOMOTIVE , GIRSUD , CALEARO ANTENNE, BRC GROUP, FICOSA 1945445200035English , French, German, Spanish, OtherOana SorinaTulbureoana.tulbure@mollificioitaliano.it011 6467279 2PIF Automotive
MORELLOTorinowww.morellospa.comHot forging, Precision machining , Axles and components, Steering partsWHEEL SHAFT, STEERING LEVER, SPINDLEHAMMER HOT FORGING, MACHINING WITH CNC, ND CONTROLL: MAGNETICAL AND USHOT FORGING STEEL FOR PRODUCTION OF SAFETY COMPONENTS LIKE WHEEL SHAFT, STEERING LEVER, SPINDLEEurope, GermanyCNH, COMER INDUSTRIES ROSSI RIDUTTORI NAFISO 9000 / 200219571386117672English , French, Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain
NOVERO TorinoAxles and components, Steering parts, Brakes and components, Clutch and components, Suspensions/shock absorberssteering tubes, shaft cams tubes, silent block bushing, electrical engine tubes, different tubescold draw tubes, bushingProduzione tubi trafilati per alberi a cammes, alberi di trasmissione, boccole per silent blockEurope, AsiaFIAT AUTO, Tower Automotive, TOwer AutomotiveISO 9000 / 200219621339459English , French, SpanishPaviaMassimom.pavia@noverospa.com011 19480502PIF Automotive
NU.TE.CONovarawww.nuteco.itCAR FRAMEWORKS, CARBON FIBRE FRAME, HONEY COMB AILERONS, CONSTRUCTION OF MODEL AND MOULDSAUTOCLAVES, CNC, INFUSION, filament winding, additive manufacturing LAMBORGHINI ,GUMPER, MV, 0000ISO 9000 / 200219869900009English , FrenchVINCENZOCATANESInutecosrl@gmail.com0321957308nutecosrlItalyProductionwww.nuteco.itTorino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain
O.M.LER 2000 SrlCuneowww.omler2000.comEquipment / molds, Lights/beams, Dashboard / instruments, Engine body, Assembly facilitiesHYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS FOR MACHINING, MANIPULATORS FOR ROBOTS AND LIGHTS COMPONENTS DEDURRING , SHEARING DIES, PNEUMATIC VIBRATORS FOR CASTING, CUSTOMIZED EQUIPMENTS2D: Autocad 2015, 3D (mechanical design): INVENTOR 2015 completed with VAULT, 3D (modeling): RHINO 4 + Data Migration application from CATIA V5, CATIA V6, computerized numerical control machine toolsPRECISION MACHINING, PRODUCTION OF PNEUMATIC DE-CORING HAMMERS FOR CASTINGS, PRODUCTION AND DESIGN OF MACHINING LINES AND COMPONENTS ASSEMBLY LINES, ALSO CUSTOMIZED AND TURNKEY; PRODUCTION OF EQUIPMENTS AND TOOLINGS Europe, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, UE, Extra UE, Asia, China, Japan, India, Uzbekistan, America, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United States of America, OceaniaFIAT, DAIMLER, PSA CITROEN, VOLKSWAGEN, MERLO, TEKSID ALUMINUM SRL, GRUPPO NEMAK, MERLO SPA, GRUPPO ITT, GRUPPO AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING, MERIDIAN SRL, GRUPPO MONTUPETISO 9000 / 20022001490000032English , French, German, SpanishANNASPINAa.spina@omler2000.com0172 457741PIF Automotive,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
O.M.P. OFFICINE MECCANICHE PIEMONTESI Torinowww.omp-group.comAxles and componentsFLANGES, HUBS, HALF CASES, SPINDLES, SPIDERS/COVER/COLLAR/OTHERSmachining by CN machinesNowadays we are a leading company in producing JIT mechanical products for the automotive industry. Evolution and innovation have enable the company to widen and diversify production. At the moment our production is based on the following sectors: automobiles, industrial and military vehicles, ground motions machines, tractors, railways and robotics.Europe, France, Germany, Sweden, Extra UE, America, United States of AmericaDAIMLER VOLVO IVECO MAN, MERITOR DANA ZFISO TS 16949, ISO 14001195651000000190English , French, GermanDOMENICOROSBOCHpallavisinie@omp-group.com0124477114PIF Automotive
OCAPTorinoSteering parts, Suspensions/shock absorbersSUSPENSION ARMS, SUSPENSION JOINT BALLS, LINK BARS, STEERING RODS, STEERING JOINT BALLSTURNING, MACHINING, THREADINGDesign, development and production of steering and suspension parts for cars, trucks, tractors and industrial vehicles. Europe, UE, Extra UE, Asia, Africa, America, OceaniaCNH, Iveco, ARGO Tractors, Lamborghini, Renault Sport, McLaren, DANA, Carraro, Streparava, Brembo, Comer, PANKL, SAINT JEAN, FIAT, RENAULT, NISSAN, VW, AUDI, IVECO, OPEL, VOLVO, CITROEN, BMW, FORD,ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002197552500000244English , French, GermanEugenioManasseromanassero@ocap.it0124656565OCAP Chassis Parts (Kunshan) Co., LTDChinaCommercial, ProductionOCAP Chassis Parts Pvt LTDIndiaCommercial, ProductionPIF Automotive
OERLIKON GRAZIANOTorinoAxles and componentsgearboxes, transmissions componentsxxOerlikon Graziano is the world’s leading specialist in the design, integration and precision manufacture of transmissions for high-performance road cars. The company is also a leading global supplier of transmissions, axles and driveline components for other demanding sectors including electric, off-highway and industrial vehicles. With facilities in every region, including the USA, China, India, Italy, Russia and the UK, Oerlikon Graziano can support customers locally with an appropriate level of technology from single gears through to complete driveline systems and vehicle integration. All activities build on Oerlikon Graziano’s innovative approach to design, rigorous test and development and world-leading expertise in high-quality, low-volume manufacture.Europe, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, America, United States of AmericatRIUMPH, MCLAREN,LAMBORGHINI, AUDI, MASERATI, ASTON MARTIN, BREDAMENARINI,IVECO, CNH, BOLLORE, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 200219513820000001980English , French, German, Spanish, Chinese, RussianStellaRoagnastella.roagna@oerlikon.com390119570206VOCISUnited KingdomCommercial, R& Trasmissioni UKUnited KingdomCommercial, Automotive
Officine ARFINOVercelliwww.officinearfino.itproduction of turned and milled metal partsMULTI SPINDLE TURNING MACHINES cnc , TURNING MACHINES cnc , TURN-MILL CENTERS, METROLOGICAL EQUIPMENT, FINAL WASH ULTRASOUND*, *, *, OMF by ARFINOISO 9000 / 20021974490000027English , French, SpanishSIMONEARFINOinfo@officinearfino.it016354265PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Design Building Living
OMG Torinowww.omgsrl.comSeats and parts, Cold pressing, Axles and components, Large size machining, Steering partsBEDS FOR TRUCKS, OIL PANS, FRAME COMPONENTS, SUPPORT DAMPERS , CYLINDER HEADS, BASEMENTS,GEAR-BOX,WHEEL HUBS, CONTROL ARMSHYDRAULIC AND MECHANIC PRESSES UP TO 1250ton, MACHINING WITH CNC WITH PALLET UP TO 1000X1200 mm, WELDING WITH ROBOTSSHEET METAL PRESSING, ASSEMBLING, WELDING, MACHININGEurope, France, Germany, Spain, America, Argentina, Brazil, United States of AmericaFIAT,IVECO,CNH,AGCO GROUP, IVECO, CNH, AGCO, LANDINI, ISRI,ZF,DAYCO, TEKSID,MONTUPET, MAGNETI MARELLI, TUTTI I MARCHI EUROPEIISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002194949000000160English , French, GermanFrancoBeltramof.beltramo@omgsrl.com01243018320OMG PolandPolandProductionwww.omgsrl.comPIF Automotive
OMS TorinoWWW.OMS-SPA.ITComponents - engine interiors, Components - gear, Raw materials / semifinished productsGears, Flanges, Shafts, OthersHot forging, Rolling Shaft, ExtrusionOMS realize and sales all the power line gears and power unit for driveline or engines. There are no limits to the wide range of product that OMS can supply. OMS is supplying all the best bus- truck OEm in EU as Daimler, Volvo, MAN. For gearboxes we are in partnership with ZF Group and Graziano Oerlikon. OMS sales parts in raw condition or machined condition. We work on automotive with Linamar Corp, and for groundmoving with Caterpillar, CNH, John Deere, Volvo, etc.Europe, AmericaVolkswagen, ZF Group, CATERPILLAR, DAIMLER, DANA, Oerlikon Graziano, Audi, Honda, BMW Motorrad, LINAMAR CORP.ISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 200219521800000071English , French, German, SpanishAlessandroSereno Regisalessandro.regis@oms-spa.it0124359999PIF Automotive
P&V Torinowww.p-vsrl.comEngine cooling water pipes , Exhaust system pipes, PrototypesPipe bending, Pipe forming: expanding, tapering, punching , Electrical MIG/ TIG welding and brazing in oven, Stamping process, Leakage test with air and waterIveco, Cnh, FPT Industrial, Daytech, Denso, BRC, Autoclima, Terre, Martor, Rototech, Magneti Marelli, Golden Car, Psa, Cecomp, Errevi, Emmerre, Incar, Var, CBM, EffebiISO 9000 / 20022005240000025English , GermanSilvioPersanocommerciale@p-vsrl.com011 9628763PIF Automotive
PAVESIO MARIOTorinowww.pavesiomario.comPrecision machining , Components - engine interiorsMANUFACTURING TURNED PARTS, SECONDARY OPERATIONS WHITH TRANSFERS MACHINES, MECHANICAL ASSEMBLING, BRAZE WELDINGAutomatic singlespindle lathes , CNC lathes, Multispindle lathes, Chip removal machines for secondary operations, Braze welding furnaceOur company has gained an extensive experience in manufacturing turned parts, as well as in performing a wide range of secondary operations, forming small gauge pipes, mechanical assembling and braze welding.Europe, France, Germany, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Turkey, UE, Extra UE, America, Mexico, United States of AmericaFIAT AUTO , MMPOWERTRAINISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 20021949695000028English , FrenchGiudittaGambinoamministrazione@pavesiomario.com011 6067797PIF Automotive
PONTFORTorinowww.pontfor.comHot forging, Surface treatments, Semi-finished productsAXLE SHAFTS, PINIONS, DRIVE SHAFTS, DOUBLE SHATFS, COILS FOR WIRE WORKSHORIZONTAL PRESSES, POWER HAMMER 20T, ROCKER ARM, PRESS 4000T, FURNACE HEAT TREATMENT 300KWWe're specialized in upsetting forging from bar (Ø 40-150mm) for steel products, high precision parts and components for drilling. Our steel forged products (weight from 3 to 130 Kg) are for the industrial vehicles market such as tractors and agricultural ones and transmission machineries. We also offer to our customers our heat treatment and pre-machinery departments knowledge, to give them a product completedEurope, France, Germany, Italy, Africa, South AfricaSIEMENS, OERLIKON GRAZIANO, TOFFAC, OMIG, KOLBENSCHMIDT, SOMECAB, REMY-BARRERE, ISO 9000 / 20021985500000028English , FrenchFABIO MARIAARNAOpontforgs@eurexnet.it0124/85103PIF Automotive
PrimavisTorinowww.primavis.euElectrical and hybrid vehicles, Engineering, Components - powertrainRange Extender (auxiliary power unit), Innovative 2 stroke propulsion engine, Generator / power electronicsThermal EnginesPrimavis S.r.l., an Italian start-up established in November 2011 with headquarter in Turin, is developing an innovative engine ideal for following applications • Propulsion: Motorcycles, ATV, Small Cars, Aircrafts, Industrial and Marine • Auxiliary Power Unit: Range Extender for Electric Vehicles and Aircrafts • Cogeneneration (combined heat and power) The Primavis solution is based on the Patent WO/2011/101878, related to an innovative two stroke engine (no drawback of standard solutions) characterized by • High efficiency • High specific power • Very compact dimensions • Low weight • Simplicity, low production costs • Extremely good NVH (low noise and vibration level) The invention bases on the following characteristics • One combustion process every crankshaft revolution (modern two stroke) • Air supply realised by external volumetric pump, with balancing function and possibility of supercharging in combination with a special rotary valve, called CCD (Control Charge Device) • High pressure direct fuel injection system • Lubrication system “four stroke like” (lubrication oil not mixed with fuel and not burned during the combustion process) • Liquid cooling • Possibility of internal EGR • Possibility to function with several fuels (gasoline, CNG, LPG and also diesel, if required) Mono and bicylindrical configurations (15 up 120 kW power output) have been deeply analysed and results were demonstrated supported by independent research institutes, like University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and University of Florence. First results have been published in the SAE Paper 2012-01-1022, presented at the Detroit World Automotive Congress in April 2012. In summer 2012 Primavis signed an agreement with the company BRC (, part of the Fuel System Solution Group, listed at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange (FSYS.O), for the development and future production of the engine. More information are available at Europe, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Asia, China, South Korea, India, America, Brazil, United States of AmericaL'azienda è una start-up. Molti contatti avviati, sia in Europa che in Asia ed USA con i maggiori OEM, Contratto già stipulato per lo sviluppo ela produzione del sistema con BRC di Cherasco ( certification201104English , French, German, 011 222 7 258Torino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Piemonte Naval Technology
PROGIND S.R.L.Torinowww.progind.itone-two-ther/shot injection moulds, in mould decoration moulds, components moulding, dies for metal sheetone,two/three shot injection presses, laser etching, CAD/CAM emgineering, CAE analisys, 3-5 axes high speed milling machineValeo Magneti Marelli Bitron Vimercati, Valeo Magneti Marelli Bitron Vimercati, Valeo Magneti Marelli Bitron VimercatiISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 20021998862English Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
PROTOTIPO TECHNOLOGIESTorinowww.prototipo.orgTesting, Testing of vehicles and parts, Cad/cam/cae designTESTING, BENCHMARK & TARGET SETTING, VALIDATION (NVH, DINAMICS, .....), RELIABILITY GROWTH, HOMOLOGATIONTESTING LAB, NVH, ELETRONIC VALIDATION/QUALIFICATION SYSTEM AND COMPONENTS, CALIBRATION LAB, STRAIN LABTesting, CAE Simulation, Performance Development, Homologation (Certification) of Vehicles. Engineering of Special Vehicles and/or Versions.Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Serbia, Asia, China, America, Canada, United States of AmericaCNH, FIAT AUTO, FERRARI, MASERATI, IVECO, BOSCH, VM, MAGNETI MARELLI, PIRELLI, BREMBO, ......ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002199122000000150English , French, German, SpanishMartinaSterrantinomartina.sterrantino@prototipo.org011 64 93 455PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
PROVERA Alessandriawww.provera.ccWelding, Precision machining , Hot forging, Cold pressing, Metal forming /metal constructionsMECHANICAL CARPENTRY, MECHANICAL COMPONENTSautomation of productionThe company was established in 1969 as a manufacturer specializing in mechanical carpentry and sheet metal machining. We have achieved experience, expertise and efficiency in your specific industry and over the years we have built strong co-operation relationships with our customers. That is why we would like to apply as your potential supplier. We mainly specialize in body works, supports, fixing blocks, pipe clamps, cabin seat support, ladders, caterpillar guides, tool boxes, battery supports.Europe, GermanyGRUPPO CNH, GRUPPO CNH, GRUPPO CNHISO 9000 / 20021969120000024English ANGELOPROVERAamministrazione@provera.cc0142403180PIF Automotive
Proxima Tecnologie AdesiveTorino, Trim / plates, Shields/emblems, Sound dampers, Oem accessoriesDouble side adhesive Tapes, Adhesives, Single side adhesive tapes, Labels, Abrasivesrotary die-cut machine, plane die-cutConvertion of adhesive tapes on customer demand. Die-cut, cut on drawing. Lamination carrier and supply of adhesive technologyEurope, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, TurkeyEmarc, Minimold, Plastic Components and Modules, Magneti Marelli, Brigoni, Triom, Mecaplast, Cecomp, Webasto, IMC, Ruspa, Emmepi, Sigit, Cf Gomma, Brigoni Mark, Fornitek, Cecomp, Emme2ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 20021958450000017English , French, GermanLUCACHIARAZZOl.chiarazzo@proximatape.com0119574945PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Piemonte Naval Technology
REAL Torinowww.realauto.itAlternators, Electric motors, Batteries, Cables and cabling systems, SwitchesSTARTERS, ALTERNATORS, BOOSTER, COMPONENTSGENERAL TECHNOLOGYSeleziona l'articolo da ricercare STARTERS AND THEIR COMPONENT, ALTERNATORS AND THEIR COMPONENT, LAMPS, BOOSTER ,WIND-WIPER STARTER Europe, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, UE, Extra UE, Asia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Lybia, Morocco, Mauritius, Somalia, Sudan, TunisiaIVECO, CASE NEW HOLLAND, IVECO, CASE NEW HOLLAND, MAGNETI MARELLI, OSRAM, MAGNETI MARELLI, REALNo certification1973710000037English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, OtherERALDODELLA ROVEREg.monaciello@realauto.it0114158828PIF Automotive
REDTorinowww.redsrl.euEngineering, Cad/cam/cae design, StylingEngineering CAD, Style & CAS, Rapid prototypingCAD software, CAS software, Machine for rapid protitypingDesign of body in white, unferbody and plastics trims for automotive sector (feasibility, engineering project development, drawings)Europe, ItalyGruppo Fiat, Magna Steyr, Changan, VW, Webasto, Sigit, Top PlasticsISO 9000 / 20022008260000055English , German, SpanishFrancescoRussof.russo@redsrl.eu011 3972903PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Piemonte Naval Technology
RESINFLEX SRLTorinowww.resinflex.comSeats and parts, Coatings and panelsVinyl leatherCoating Line, Embossing machineries, Laquering and printing machineryUpholstery viny leather for seats and door panels Europe, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Sweden, TurkeyG, Lazzerini, Prima Industries, Ellamp, Isringhausen - Omg, Leva - MG Tech, NessunoISO 9000 / 20022008270000021English , Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Piemonte Naval Technology,Design Building Living,Piemonte Textile Excellence
ROTOTECHTorinowww.rototech.itComponents - engine interiorsFuel tank, Air pipesRotomouldingRotomoulded tanks production.Europe, Asia, China, America, Brazil, Oceania, AustraliaRenault, Scania, Volvo.ISO TS 16949, ISO 140011916111111111111150English , French, German, Chinese, RussianGabriellaPappadiainfo@rototech.it011984791RotofranceFranceProductionPIF Automotive
Rubinetterie Ritmonio SrlVercelliwww.ritmonio.itMetallic productsFittings for evaporators, Connections for refrigeration systemsTube bending, Metal forming, Welding/brazingProduction of fittings and connections for air conditioning and refrigeration systems on customer's design.Europe, ItalyDenso Thermal Systems LuvataISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 200219470157English , French, German, SpanishMarcoMaffeism.maffeis@ritmonio.it0163560000Piemonte Creative Industries. Design + Luxury,PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Design Building Living
S.E.I.C.A.Torinowww.seica.comMeasurement toolsElectrical and functional TestIn-circuit, On-Board Programming , Functional Test, End-Of-Line, Burn in testWith hundreds of systems installed in the automotive market, SEICA has gained an important experience in all of the most relevant technologies involved. Great importance has been given to data communication links implementation such as CAN protocol, LIN and K-line serial interface, I2C bus, RS232 and RS485 which are now part of the standard offer for Seica systems. A big effort has also been done to allow testing of devices under real working conditions, in terms of managing the different I/O interfaces to be applied to the UUT (i.e. signal waveforms, external loads) in order to duplicate vehicle interaction, especially for instruments clusters and body controllers validation. In addition, SEICA has developed and integrated solutions to verify the latest market technologies in the infotainment and Telematics fields, delivering multiple test applications. Radio channel (AM/FM, DAB, satellite tuners), GNSS (GPS and Glonass), wireless communication (GSM, UMTS, CDMA, ….) and data radio links (Wifi and Bluetooth) testing are now features available thanks to the integration of specific simulators and proper signal management (shielded cables, RF contact pins) at fixture level, which may include also fixtures with RF shielded solutions. Full range of test solutions, starting from basic in-circuit to the most advanced and complex functional test solutions without compromising their efforts in cost reduction and increased flexibility. In-circuit: an easy programming procedure and intuitive interface makes it easy to generate a fully comprehensive test program. The flexibility of the VIVA software allows easy portability between systems even if the configurations are completely different (eg. flying probe and standard bed of nails). On-Board Programming (OBP): can be included in any Compact Series system, with respect to fixture-level integration, offers important advantages in terms of operating costs, speed and ease of use ensured by the dedicated SW management environment. Functional Test: has always been a major focus in Seica, application in the automotive environment includes all of the options required to validate the product before it is assembled into its final mechanical housing. Burn-in test: final step in product validation is the possibility to test it under the stress in real working condition. Seica can support its customers by managing the implementation of the required interaction with the UUT. End-Of-Line: satisfies the need for a final validation at the end of the complete production process, within the constraints on interaction with the device, due to limited accessibility.Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary, Extra UE, Asia, China, Philippines, India, Thailand, Africa, Morocco, America, Brazil, Mexico, United States of America Tesla, Magneti Marelli, Bosch, Lear, Gentherm, Harman, Magneti Marelli, Bosch, Lear, Gentherm, Harman, MTA, Telit, ST Microelectronics, Magneti MarelliISO 9000 / 2002198620600000160English , French, German, Spanish, Chinese, RussianBarbaraSaudinosaudino@seica.com0125636811SEICA IncAmericaRepresentation, Commercial, Logisticwww.seica-na.comSEICA FRANCE SARLFranceRepresentation, Commercial, SEICA DEUTSCHLAND GmbHGermanyRepresentation, Commercial, LogisticSEICA ELECTRONICS ChinaRepresentation, Commercial, LogisticTorino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive
S.I.D.A.T. (ATTIVA)TorinoEngine fuel supply, Components - exhaust system, Components - cooling system, Sensorsfuel pumps, mass air flow sensors, egr valvesSales and distribution of auto spare parts for engine management and air conditioningEurope, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, RomaniaFiat, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Scoda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, HondaISO 9000 / 200219902600000040English , French, German, Spanish, Automotive
S.R.S. ENGINEERING DESIGN Romawww.srsed.itCAD DESIGN, STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS (CAE), TESTING, ENGINEERING (EXCL. CAD & CAE), TECHNICAL SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTCAD Design, CAE simulation, Simulation software development, Multibody Analyses, Virtual EngineeringFIAT AUTO SPA, FERRARI SPA, FERRARI GES (F1),ELASIS, ,PININFARINA, TRW AUTOMOTIVE GMBH, MAGNETI MARELLI,, IDEA SPA No certification1997300000045English , French, 011 3916211Torino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Piemonte Health & Wellness
SACELTorinowww.sacelgroup.comEquipment / molds, Automation, Cold pressing, Forming of thermoplastics products, WeldingSUNROOF PARTS, CUPPER CIRCUIT FOR ELECTRIC DEVICE, Metal stamped parts, REAR LAMPS SUPPORT (WITH CIRCUITS AND BULBS), Overmoulded electrical components Metal sheet stamping, Injection Moulding, Overmoulding, Laser welding, TIG weldingSacel is a company specialized in the developing of innovative solutions for stamping of metal parts and plastic moulding for the automotive , medical, electronic and semiconductor sectors. In detail, our activities in the automotive field start from the cooperation with the costumer in the product design phase (co-design), to go on with the production process development, the tools and automations manufacturing and the series production of metal sheet parts, plastic injected parts, overmouldings and assembled parts (also laser welded).Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, Asia, China, India, Africa, Tunisia, America, Brazil, Dominican RepublicIVECO, FPT, MAGNA GROUP, VALEO GROUP, LEONI WIRING SYSTEMS, AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING GROUP, WEBASTO, DAYCO, MAGNETI MARELLI GROUP, KOITO EUROPE, SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES, SULZER FRICTION SYSTEMS, Strutture per tetti apribili Webasto, ugelli di raffreddamento pistone FPTISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 2002197514115English , French, GermanEnzoSabatoe.sabato@sacel.it012429012SACELEST s.r.o.SlovakiaCommercial, Logistic, Productionwww.sacelgroup.comPIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
SCAMERNovarawww.scamer.itPipes and manifoldsPipesBending machineBending and welding pipesEurope, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Czech RepublicIVECO IRISBUS F.P.T. BREDAMENARINI, IVECO IRISBUS F.P.T. BREDAMENARINI, IVECO IRISBUS F.P.T. BREDAMENARINI, IVECO IRISBUS F.P.T. BREDAMENARINI CNH, IVECO IRISBUS F.P.T. BREDAMENARINIISO 9000 / 20021965215English , FrenchMarcoVigano'marco.vigano@scamer.it0321 402708PIF Automotive
SCANFERLA BRUNO SRL Torinowww.scanferla.comEquipment / molds, Cold pressing, Body, Structural parts, Components - powertrainCOMPONENTS FROM COLD METAL STAMPING, ASSEMBLIES OF STAMPED COMPONENTS, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION OF PROGRESSIVE DIESStamping line with double upright press 130 tons, Stamping line with double upright press 200 tons, Stamping line with double upright press 250 tons, Stamping lines with double upright press 315 tons, Stamping lines with double upright press 500 tonsProduction of high precision components and assemblies from sheet metal cold stamping, also with tight tollerances or complex drawn elements, thanks to the internal design and manufacture of high-tech single and progressive dies.Europe, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, UE, Asia, ChinaVW - AUDI - SKODA - SEAT , EISSMANN GROUP - NZWL - OR_SAT - I.M.S. - BEHR TERMOT TRONIK - BOELLHOFF - PROMA GROUP - SELMAT -, EISSMANN GROUP - NZWL - OR_SAT - I.M.S. - BEHR TERMOT TRONIK - BOELLHOFF - PROMA GROUP - SELMAT - , Golf A5ISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 20021981270000034English , French, German, SpanishChristineCaillaudsales-marketing@scanferla.com011 9369374PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
SELMAT AUTOMOTIVETorinoWWW.SELMAT.ITForming of thermoplastics products, Rubber molding, Plastic products, Equipment / molds, Dashboard / instrumentsaerodinamic kits for trucks and cars, sun visor, floor mat, cubic storage for trucks, dashboard-central console, variusinjection moulding, vacuum forming, polyurethane injection, composites, paintingPlastic Systems & Components for Automotive Exteriors, Interiors, and PowertrainEurope, UEgruppo fiat,caterpillar,same,aston martin,mini, piaggio, gruppo fiat,caterpillar,same,aston martin,mini, piaggio, gruppo fiat,caterpillar,same,aston martin,mini, piaggioISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 20021982122000000633English , French, German, SpanishLAURALAMIlaura.lami@selmat.it0119639000PIF Automotive
SICIT Torinowww.sicit.itComponents - powertrain, Components - gear, Steering partsUNIVERSAL JOINTS, HEAVY DUTY UNIVERSAL JOINTS, OTHERS COMPONENTS, CARDAN SHAFTSMACHINING, TURNING, GRINDING, HEAT TREATMENTDESIGN, PRODUCTION AND SALES Europe, Belgium, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Asia, South Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, LebanonSCANIA, MERCEDES, VOLVO, FORD, NISSAN, IVECO, FIAT, RENAULT, CNH, DANA, GKN, SKF, SCANIA, MERCEDES, VOLVO, FORD, NISSAN, IVECO, FIAT, RENAULTISO 9000 / 20021974400000019English , French, Germancesaresalinac.salina@sicit.it0121352668PIF Automotive
SIDEXPORT SRLTorinowww.sidexport.comComponents - engine interiors, Steering parts, Components - gear, Components - powertrain, Engine fuel supplyoriginal spare parts , OE spare parts , Am spare parts Sale of OE, OEM, AM spare parts for Fiat, ALfa Romeo, Iveco, Astra cars, CNH,trucks and earthmoving machinesEurope, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Extra UE, Asia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Yemen, Africa, Algeria, Ivory Coast, EgyptFIAT, ALFA ROMEO, IVECO, ASTRANo certification1993013English , French, Spanish, Arabic, RussianIVANACAFFOivana.caffo@sidexport.it39 011 9595170PIF Automotive
SIGITPerugiawww.sigit.itInterior trimming, Coatings and panels, Plastic products, Rubber / metal machining, Rubber / plastics machiningComponents for internal And externalMoulding , Estrusion Hoses, AssemblingCo design . Development And Production Plastic And Rubber Components Europe, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, TurkeyFiat CNH VW Iveco Piaggio , Fiat CNH VW Iveco Piaggio , Fiat CNH VW Iveco Piaggio , Fiat CNH VW Iveco Piaggio , Fiat CNH VW Iveco Piaggio ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001196676000000800English , French, GermanAntonellaGrazianoantonella.graziano@sigit.it0119134230Sigit Poland Sp.z.ooPolandLogistic, Productionwww.sigit.itSigit Do.o.SerbiaLogistic, Productionwww.sigit.itKvart-SigitRussiaCommercial, Logistic, Productionwww.sigit.itPIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances
SILATECH TorinoWWW.GRUPPOSILA.COMCad/cam/cae design, Testing, Engineering, Structural analysis, Testing of vehicles and partsMANUAL SHIFTER, AUTOMATIC SHIFTER BY WIRE, PUSH PULL CABLES, LIGHT DUTY CABLE & PBC, KNOB & BOOTINJECTION PRESS, CORDING MACHINE, ZAMAK PRESS, CONTROL BENCH, FATIGUE BENCHDesign and development of gearshift systems and control cables for the automotive industry.America, Argentina, Brazil, United States of AmericaFGA - BMW - DAIMLER - GM - TOYOTA - SUZUKI - VW, U-SHIN - KIEKERT - JCISO TS 16949, ISO 14001200013200000090English , French, GermanGUIDOPANIZZAg.panizza@grupposila.com3357079069PIF Automotive
Sirena Oem accessoriesLUMINOUS BEACONS, ACOUSTIC SIRENS, CROSSBARS, LIGHT BEAMSLEDPRODUCTION OF VISUAL AND ACOUSTIC WARNING DEVICESEurope, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, SwitzerlandCNH - ARGO TRACTORS - MANITOU - SUZUKI, MANITOU - CNHISO 1400119749071415163English , French, German, FRANCEFranceCommercialwww.neodis.frPIF Automotive
smat nord srlTorinoExternal mirrors, Rear-view mirrors, Metallic productsExternal mirror, Internal mirror, Metal machining3D PROJECT, CNC MACHINERY , PLASTIC INJECTION, GLASS CUTTINGDevelopement and manufacturing complete rear view mirrors (internal and external)Europe, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UE, Extra UE, America, Brazil, United States of AmericaIVECO, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR GROUP, KUBOTA, TEREX, CNH , ARGO TRACTORS, MANITOU , CLAAS, SOLARIS, IVECO, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR GROUP, KUBOTA, TEREX, CNH , ARGO TRACTORS, MANITOU , CLAAS, SOLARIS, JOHN DEERE . LIEBHERR, IVECO, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR GROUP, KUBOTA, TEREX, CNH , ARGO TRACTORS, MANITOU , CLAAS, SOLARISISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 20021965506408316English , French, GermanSILVIALATTANZIOsmatnord@smatnord.com0119351956PIF Automotive
SOCHIMATorinowww.sochima.itThermal insulation, Antivibration parts, Composite materials, Raw materials / semifinished products, Sound dampersHeat shields, Damping/deadening products, Noise reduction panels, Adhesives/sealants, Thermal/insulating draining panelsDiecutters, Spreaders, Vertical mixers, Drying oven, Cutter unitymaterials for thermal/acoustic insulationEurope, Germany, PolandFerrari, Lamborghini,Michelotto, Polynorm,Tecnodue,Duerre, Poltrona Frau,Minimold,IMR, Ferrari,Lamborghini,IpseISO 9000 / 20021950303479521English , French, German, Spanish, Russian, OtherELEONORAFERRARISeleonora.ferraris@sochima.it011/2236834PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Piemonte Naval Technology
SPESSO GASKETSTorinowww.spesso.comComponents - engine interiorsFLAT SEALING GASKETS, GASKET SETS FOR ENGINE REASSEMBLYAUTOMATIC AND MANUAL PRESSES (HYDRAULIC AND MECHANIC), SCREEN PRINTING / DRYING EQUIPMENT, HEAD GASKET MANUFACTURING LINES (ALL SIZES), HEAD GASKET MATERIAL LAMINATING LINE, PACKAGING MACHINERYDesign, Engineering and Manifacturing of flat sealing gaskets, metallic or fiber based, for automotive and industrial engines Europe, Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Romania, Spain, UE, Extra UE, Asia, Jordan, India, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Lybia, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia, America, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Oceania, Australia, New ZelandFPT POWERTRAIN, MAN, FIAT, CNH, PIAGGIO, HONDA, PEUGEOT MOTOCYCLE, 2A, NAF, CARRARO, IHI CHARGING SYSTEM, MAGNETI MARELLI, MOTORI MINARELLI, KNORR-BREMSE, , VARI, GAMMA ITALIANA, VARIISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 20021926825500060English , FrenchCristianoCazzolatocristiano.cazzolato@spesso.com0114508180PIF Automotive
STEPTorinowww.stepspa.comEngineering, Cad/cam/cae design, Virtual prototyping, StylingengineeringCAD UG, CAD CATIA, CAD PROEActivities of design, planning and prototipazone of an entire system of vehicle bodyEurope, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Extra UE, America, Brazilfiat spa e fiat industrial spaISO 9000 / 2002199218000000500English , Portuguesefabrizioberguifabrizio.bergui@stepspa.com0119614811step do brasil engenharia ltdaBrazilR&DSTEP - INTurkeyR&DPIF Automotive
Synthesis designTorinowww.synthesisdesign.itStyling, Virtual prototyping, Testing, EngineeringAUTOMOTIVE DESIGN, NAUTICAL DESIGN, PRODUCT DESIGN, TRASPORTATION DESIGNWORKSTATION, 3D virtual protoypingSynthesis design has been established in 1988 in Torino, Italy. The aim was that of creating new products, able to communicate emotions as well as to contribute to the success of the manufacturers. With this attitude we work since more than 25 years on the product's ideation and innovation, on design strategies as well as on corporate's image.Europe, Germany, ItalyMaserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, NissanNo certification198806English GiorgioGainogiorgio.gaino@synthesisdesign.it0113490476PIF Automotive
TCE TORINO CREA ENGINEERINGTorinoNON PRESENTEEngineering, Cad/cam/cae design, StylingC-CLASS SURFACES, A-CLASS SURFACES, Styling, Prototyping & ModellingSketching and Renderings, Modelling Surfaces (A-C CLASS), Engineering, Virtual ModelStyling, C-CLASS Surfacing, A-CLASS Surfacing, Engineering, Prototyping, Modelling.Europe, Asia, ChinaYAMAHA, FERRARI, ALFA ROMEO, MASERATI, FIAT., ITALDESIGN, PININFARINA., MAGNA STEYRNo certification2008205147040English , FrenchORNELLAMARTINo.martin@torinocrea.com011 0464530PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain
TECNO BAJARDITorinowww.bajardi.itEquipment / moldsDESIGN, COSTRUCTIONMEELLING CNC 3/5, EDM, CAD CAM 3 5 , MOLD FLOWDesigns and costruction the moulds for thermoplastic resins and die-castingEurope, France, Poland, Hungary, America, BrazilDENSO, KEY SAFERTY,JOHNSON ELECTRIC, JOHNSON ELECTRIC, LUCCO BORLERA,GRANA,ISO 9000 / 20021985245000018English , FrenchEnzoInnocenteenzo.innocente@bajardi.it0114553662PIF Automotive
TECNO SYSTEM Torinowww.tecnosystem.itElectrical / electronic partsnessunoSMD & THT Assembly, AOI & X-Ray Test, Functional TestCONTRACT ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING, ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING SERVICESEurope, ItalyCalearo AntenneISO 14001, ISO 9000 / 200219901165English , FrenchAlessioManfrina.manfrin@tecnosystem.it0125 665130PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte
TEKSID ALUMINUMTorinowww.teksidaluminum.comEngine body, Pipes and manifolds, Components - exhaust system, Foundry, Suspensions/shock absorbersCYLINDER HEAD, CAMSHAFT CARRIER, CYLINDER BLOCK, INTAKE MANIFOLD, SUSPENSION ARM AND KNUCKLESEMI PERMANENT MOLD, LOW PRESSURE, LOST FOAM, R&D CENTER, HPDCTeksid Aluminum is a manufacturer of alluminum alloy castings for the automotive industry (cars and industrial light vehicles) . The company's core products are cylinder head, camshaft carrier, cylinder block and suspensions parts. Technology portfolio: semipermanent mold gravity casting, low pressure and lost foam. The company has one plant located in Italy with 800 employees. Teksid Aluminum is the editor of the international scientific magazine: Metallurgical Science & Technology. For further information on the biannual magazine (ISSN 0393-6074), please contact: roberto.molina@teksid.comEurope, France, Germany, Asia, China, India, America, United States of AmericaFIAT, FORD, PSA, IVECOISO TS 16949, ISO 14001196792413000800English giovanniaudritoelisa.piola@teksid.com011.9794860 - 011.9794857PIF Automotive
Teoresi spaTorinowww.teoresigroup.comEngineering, Virtual prototyping, Information technology / networks, Cad/cam/cae design, Testing of vehicles and parts.MAPLESIM, MAPLE, ALTIA, Vehicle Spy - Intrepid Control Systems, DSPACE, EMBEDDED SW, FWDesign and development of complex engineering systems with careful consideration to the integration aspects (Model Based Design).Europe, Germany, America, United States of AmericaFiat Group Automobile , GM, Fiat Industrial, Magneti MarelliISO 9000 / 2002198710100000235English , French, SpanishPiergiorgioGhirardellopiergiorgio.ghirardello@teoresigroup.com0112408000Teoresi, Inc.AmericaCommercial, Production, R&Dwww.teoresi.usTorino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Naval Technology,Piemonte Health & Wellness
TESCO GOTorinoEngineeringENGINEERING, CONCEPT DESIGN, VIRTUAL MODELLING, PROTOTYPINGCatia, UG, Canalyzer, Zuken, AltairEngineering Integrated Services, covering entire process: Product definition, Styling, concept/packaging/modularity,modeling, Engineering (CAD), Virtual Simulation (CAE), Modelling and PrototypingEurope, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Asia, India, America, United States of AmericaFGA MAN CHRYSLER MCLAREN, DELPHI CONTINENTALISO 9000 / 200219689080741140English , French, German, 011 3011769PIF Automotive,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain
TESEO Torino tools, Automation, Servicing / plant assistance, Industrial plant equipment, Assembly facilitiesTESEO Actuator Calibration Unit, Infotainment Test Benches, Roller Benches & DinamosHardware in the LoopTest benches for R&D & Manufacturing (electronics, hybrid, powetrain), Preventive Maintenance & Calibrations, CE Marking for Automotive componentsEurope, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Asia, China, South Korea, India, America, MexicoFIAT GROUP, PSA, RENAULT, MAGNETI MARELLI, VALEO, SKFISO 9000 / 20021978040English , French, SpanishStefanoSerras.serra@teseo.clemessy.com011 9941 935FranceCommercial, Logistic, Production, R&Dwww.clemessy.comTorino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,ECOmpanies: Go green with Torino Piemonte Italy,Torino - Piemonte Railway The complete rail infrastructure and rolling stock supply chain,InTO MECH. Mechatronic Excellence from Torino Piemonte,Piemonte Health & Wellness
TORINO DESIGNTorinowww.torino-design.comStyling, Cad/cam/cae design, Virtual prototyping, EngineeringVEHICLE, TRUCK, BUSALIAS, PHOTOSHOP, CATIA V5STYLING, ENGINEERING, 3D CAS MODELING, FULL SCALE MODELS, CONCEPT CARSEurope, Russia, Asia, China, South Korea, IndiaASHOK LEYLAND BAIC BRILLIANCE CHERY C&C TRUCKS FERRARI FIAT FOTON GAC GEELY GM WULING IVECO JMC KAMAZ MAHINDRA MCLAREN NISSAN DONGFENG SAIC MAXUS SAIC MG SAIC MOTORS SCANIA TATA YUEJIN WEICHAI ZOTYE , MIRA TESCO GO, SEASNo certification2006530060English , French, Spanish, ArabicROBERTOPIATTIroberto.piatti@torino-design.com0116813693Torino Piemonte Aerospace,PIF Automotive,Piemonte Major Appliances,Piemonte Naval Technology
TORINO VEHICLE ENGINEERING S.C.R.L.TorinoNon presenteCad/cam/cae design, EngineeringPASSENGER CARS BODY ENGINEERING (BIW,DOORS,EXT. TRIM, INT TRIM,SEAT, HVAC, WIRING LAYOUT), INTEGRATION ON IN-VEHICLE ELECTRONIC SISTEMS, CHASSIS AND POWERTRAIN ENGINEERING, DESIGN AND CAEWORKSTATION CAD UG, WORKSTATION CAD CATIA V4, WORKSTATION CAD CATIA V5, WORKSTATION ABAQUS,NASTRAN,OPTISTRUCT, WORKSTATION MATHWORKSAutomotive engineering, Passenger cars body engineering (BIW,Doors,Ext. trim, Int trim,Seat, HVAC, Wiring layout), Integration on in-vehicle electronic sistems, Chassis and powertrain engineering, design and CAE.Europe, ItalyFIAT AUTO,IVECO, CARRARO, FIAT FGA, FIAT FPT,DENSO TS, UFINo certification20094000000100English RenzoPorrosegreteria@torino-vehicle-engineering.it0110888037PIF Automotive
VIBRO-ACOUSTIC SRLPadovaEngineering, Testing, Testing of vehicles and parts, Measurement tools, Research centresVIBRO-ACOUSTIC TESTING, VIBRO-ACOUSTIC MODELLING, ENVIRONMENT AND INDUSTRIAL NOISE MONITORING, INSTRUMENTS AND ACOUSTIC ROOMS RENTING, SPECIAL PURPOSE SYSTEMSNoise and Vibration measurement instruments, Modal Analysis, Anechoic chamber, half-anechoic chamber, Reverberant roomThe Company supplies vibro-acoustics tesitng services for vehicles and industrial vehicles, environment, ships and trains. Asia, ChinaFIAT, GM, AUDI, , FIAT PWT, MAGNA, ROCKWELL, DOW, UFI FILTERSISO 9000 / 2002201132000010English , French, SpanishGIOVANNIAMADASIg.m.amadasi@scs-controlsys.com0499200975PIF Automotive
WIICOMTorinowww.wiicom.itEngine and components diagnosis, Printed circuits, Control units and componentsCANBus on WiFi ModulesWi-Fi, TCP-IP, CAN BUS protocolWiicom is among the first in the world for modules WiFi for CanBus protocol. The modules are useful for the wireless monitoring of operational values ​​of vehicles (motor and accessories) or for the implementation of signals is not critical type.Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, America, Brazil, Canada, United States of AmericaJohnDeer (USA), E4V (veicoli elettrici-Francia), Iveco, Magneti Marelli, Bosch (Olanda), Bitron, Divitech, Tierra, Al.mec, Ducati EnergiaNo certification20122000010English PAOLOLANDOLFOpaolo.landolfo@wiicom.it0113043224PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte
ZirakCuneowww.zirak.itInformation technology / networks, Engineering, Testing of vehicles and partsInfotainment / audio / tuner, Browsing, Security, Networking, Engine control unit managementOS embedded / Real Time (Linux, VxWorks, MS Win CE, Android), Programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java , Graphic frameworks (Qt, glib), Configuration management tools (ClearCase, Git, Svn), Browser frameworks (NetFront, WebKit)Zirak has been significantly contributing to various projects in the automotive sector, supporting major European car maker / tier 1 suppliers. Thanks to its long standing experience matured in the sector, the engineering group offers a deep knowledge in Operating Systems applied to the embedded applications and particularly in automotive environments fields as: - infotainment (audio) - radio-navigation - security - connectivity, integrated web server, web browser and cross-functional high-level skills, as: - Architecture design (component models, use cases, interfaces definition) - Customer and software requirements handling - Software development, validation and testingEurope, ItalyCNH / Iveco, Magneti MarelliNo certification2000141085921English , 0174 554307PIF Automotive,Think Up. Advanced ICT Solutions from Torino-Piemonte